Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep11 – Seance and Sensibility Review

In the immortal words of Bryan Ferry ‘Love is the drug’ in this weeks episode. After the shock murder of Hank, Nate is having to deal with just getting close to his dad, losing him and his feelings of disappointment.

The team come out to support him but the girls soon have to leave to deal with a magical fugitive while Constantine and Mick remain at the wake while Ray sneaks off to see Nora who has confirmed that the demon killed Hank.

This episode is a plethora of colour. The team travel to 1802 Bath, England to save the career of Jane Austen whose observations of society have made Jane quit writing. There has been an outpouring of lust and it turns out that the magical creature is the Hindu God of Love that has taken a fancy to Zari. They quickly capture the creature but he soon releases his love dust through the waverider’s ventilation system and they all have a lustful night to remember. The Hindu God of Love challenges Zari to give into impulse and it is a challenge that Zari willingly accepts. Cue a Bollywood musical and a potential wedding for Zari. Zari is being swept away by the magic and it is Mona who manages to break the spell. Mona convinces Zari to wait for love that offers more. I mean who wants to be 1001 in anyones life. Mona succeeds despite mourning the loss of Koane. A very differnt episode but what a talented cast who can switch in the blink of an eye from 1802 Bath to Bollywood. It is also Mona who convinces Jane with the help of woolfie to start writing again and not to give in. Its following this chat that history seems to have been saved and the writings of Jane Austen restored. I mean where would we be without novels like Emma.

Meanwhile Constantine senses Hank’s spirit and as Nate is not willing to listen conducts a seance with Mick’s help. Hank confesses that he was foolish and was murdered by a demon called Neron. Constantine’s worst fears are coming to pass. Nate finds a hidden room which confirms that Hank was trying to create a magical theme park which was Nate’s childhood dream. Finally Nate admits his love for his dad and the loss that he feels. It is at this moment that through a pool of drink that Constantine’s fears come to the fore. The fear of failing and that more friends would be lost to hell. It is at this point that Constantine sees Neron in the form of Des for the first time.

Last week we had truth and this week we have the theme of love in every colourful form. How will Constantine cope with his fears? How will the team defeat Neron who is incredibly powerful? Hank’s aim was a theme park which is very odd but Neron clearly had other plans, What are they? The world and time is at Neron’s disposal and anything is possible. Lets hope the team are equal to the task!!!!

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep10 – The Getaway Review

So its 1973 and the team have to stop an all truthful President Nixon from spilling the beans about his crooked exploits. The outcome if they fail is social and economic chaos not to mention the floundering career of Robert Redford who never got to film All The President’s Men (which is clearly a priority for Mick). Meanwhile at the Time Bureau Nate and Zari are looking to uncover Hank’s mysterious project. Complicated by Ava’s leave of absence they enlist Gary’s help to go through Hank’s phone. Daunted by the prospect Gary gets Nora on-board to assist.

Hank is busy covering for Ava and the number one mission is to capture the Legends. But the Legends are busy abducting Nixon to find out why he has suddenly developed the urge to be truthful. The Team are forced to abandon the Waverider as the ship is commandeered by Hank’s men. And in true Getaway style they steal an RV and embark on the road trip to Florida to deliver a truth devoid Nixon. While on board Constantine de-bugs Nixon literally and it is this creature that is making Nixon spill his guts. They knock Nixon out but it isn’t long before he awakes to Constantine exclaiming that Nixon is winning the war on drugs. This is probably my favourite line of this episode. Mona is tasked with keeping the bug safe but it isn’t long before the bug has escaped and the team are bearing their souls. It culminates in Sara blaming Mona for everything that has happened – Koane, Ava and losing the ship.

Meanwhile Nate and Hank are in hot pursuit as 1973 Cops and I really enjoyed the bonding between Nate and Hank and it was heart warming to see them enjoy the father and son time that they never had before. But it isn’t long before Hank realises that Nate is still working with the Legends and sets a trap.

Mona leaves the RV upset at Sara’s revelation and the team split up. Mick and Ray are tasked with taking a de-bugged Nixon to Florida while Constantine and Sara go after Mona. A very sweet moment when Constantine checks in on Sara and provides support. Constantine is really becoming part of the team.

Meanwhile back at the Bureau Gary and Nora discover that Hank has been undertaking tests on the magical creatures among other crimes. Gary and Nora hear footsteps and hide under Hank’s desk and it is at this point that Neron enters the room. Nora has some magical connection and Neron’s presence causes her great pain. After Neron departs Nora warns Gary to stop investigating and returns to her cell.

Back in 1973, Constantine and Sara track down Mona just as Mona’s magical powers come to the fore to tackle some Time Bureau agents. Eventually Sara manages to talk Mona down. Meanwhile all of Hanks’s men have closed the net on Ray and Mick and they are about to get arrested when the truth bug escapes and Nate finally has it out with his dad. Hank refuses to confirm what he has been doing other than it was Nate. At this point I was wishing for this bug to fly up Hank’s nose but i guess if it had we wouldn’t have another six episodes to look forward to. Nate insists that if Hank trusts him then he needs to release the Legends which he does. All is back to normal in 1973.

In present day, Zari updates Nate on Gary’s findings about Hank’s project but Nora’s warning is not mentioned. Following Nate’s declaration Hank wants to call it quits with Neron and stop the project. It is at this point that Neron shows his true form and attacks Hank and sucks out his life force. Nora’s apparent magical connection with Neron is strong enough for her to know what is happening and she escapes her cell just in time to find Hank. Nate stumbles on Nora with Hank who immediately jumps to the conclusion that she killed his dad. Nora escapes and we are ready to plunge directly into the next episode.

This was such an interesting episode. A focus on truth throughout was quite fun but also thought provoking in places. I really didn’t expect Hank to go in this episode (well it appears that he has). I knew it was probably coming but the sad truth is in this case Hank wanted out for Nate. It was disappointing to see Nate so easily point the finger at Nora. I also really hope that as the series progresses that we manage to hold onto some of the humour. Questions going forward – will Nora go to the Legends for help? Why does Nora appear to have this magical connection to Neron? Do they have a history? Does she have knowledge that could help in Neron’s defeat? What about Neron’s plans? They clearly featured Hank. What’s is Neron’s back up plan? How will Nate react? Will Sara and Ava be able to sort out their problems? Whatever the answers – the current truth – is that Neron has the edge.

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep9 – Lucha de Apuestas Review

After the longest dry spell ever the Legends have re-entered our timeline and are back to save our tv worlds. It’s present day and Ava has just returned to the Time Bureau to find total chaos following Kaupe’s escape. Hank blames the disarray on Ava’s lack of leadership and Mona for being the traitor who aided Kaupe. Ava is tasked with re-capturing the creature and firing Mona for her actions. Gary is sent to the hospital to fire Mona and Mona quickly wipes Gary’s mind and is on the trail of Kaupe. With Mona’s help Kaupe escapes through a time portal and the Legends take Mona to the Waverider. Mona states that it was the men in black who were kidnapping Kaupe and she tried to stop them.

Sadly the team don’t believe her and they insist on finding Kaupe who has been located in 1961 Mexico City. Kaupe has become a famous Lucha Libre Wrestler known as El Lobo (all around hero of the people and undefeated champion).  The team enter the arena to look for Kaupe and need to stay sharpe to find him. Great script here as this action was going to cause conflict between Sara and Ava who are operating to different agendas. The Sara Lance quit smoking plan is also fun to watch. Sara has her work cut out for her in this regard. The team finally use Mona to capture Kaupe and return him to the Waverider.

Meanwhile Zari has gone to the Time Bureau to check Mona’s story and Zari and Nate soon identify that it was Hank who wiped the footage, The only way to get the original footage is from Hank’s phone. Nate and Zari go to the Gala dinner his parents are hosting and confirm their fears.  Sara also goes to the Gala to explain to Ava that she can’t hand over Kaupe because of Hank’s actions and Ava doesn’t want to believe that she’s been tango’d and duped by Hank. They part on bad terms and unknowingly Sara sees Neron.

Ray is made interim Captain and has prepared a team building game called Cards to Save the Timeline in order to keep Constantine and Charlie in line and to reflect on the do’s and don’ts of time travel. They are saved from this agony by history as 1961 Mexico City has gone into flux with riots and civil unrest following El Lobo’s disappearance. Kaupe/ El Lobo has to fight so order is restored. Kaupe is taught to lose and all is going well until Ava’s extraction team arrives just as the fight begins. Their aim, to re-capture Kaupe and they certainly weren’t shooting for a takedown. The legends form their own tag team and start a real fight and its Legends 1 : Time Bureau 0. This is much to Ava’s disappointment.

After the Gala Nate confronts Hank who states his actions were for the best and the greater good. Nate pretends to believe him but then asks Zari to keep digging. Hank’s project is starting to unravel.  With history restored Mona considers leaving with Kaupe until Mick points out that there are no happy endings and that they are from two different worlds and do not belong together. Mona and Kaupe are saying their final goodbyes when Kaupe is shot by one of Hank’s men in black. The rage in Mona bubbles over and for the first time we see that Mona has gained magical powers and becomes a werewolf killing Kaupe’s assasin. Mick returns to find Mona (minus powers) by Kaupe’s side. A sad end for Kaupe. Ava and Sara have their final showdown and realise that they are not on the same page and it appears that their relationship is over. This is despite Sara appealing to Ava and stating that Hank is hurting these creatures for his own agenda. This seems to be irrelevant to Ava and now it appears that the Legends are on their own.

A great first episode back after the hiatus which has opened up the second part of the season. We know The demon that the team will need to face but the all important buildup will ensure a fantastic and grappling season. A very Sharpe script and a great scene with Sara and Constantine when she flicks the cigarette and stops him from smoking. Shame she can’t get that coat deep cleaned while she’s at it. The softie that is Mick talking to Mona about happy endings and the awkward moment when Nate and Zari infiltrate the Gala. Poor Zari. Nate’s mother is worse than some of the magical creatures. Questions going forward – how long will it be before Hank’s agenda is exposed? How will Mona face her powers and can they be controlled? Will Sara and Ava resolve their differences? How will the legends identify the fake masks  and threats that are around them? They aren’t as colourful or visible as the ones they saw in Mexico. All in all a great episode and I’m ready for the rest of the season.

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep8 – Legends of To-Meow Meow Review

So to save the love of his life Constantine broke time. As the alternative time line took hold which we know left Zari as a cat Charlie took herself off to Las Vegas, 1962. Charlie mistakenly believing that Zari’s new cat status was the only significant change she took on the appearance of Marilyn Monroe and came face to face with a leprechaun friend. Enter Mick, Ray and Nate to take on the magical creature. It is soon clear that all is not as it should be – Ray kills Charlie’s friend without a second thought.  They introduce themselves not as Legends but as Custodians of the Chronology who have a shoot to kill policy. Charlie goes on the Waverider to try and find out what has changed. On their return Gideon’s delivery of messages from Oliver, Barry and Cara was a great touch as was the whole must be crossover time reference. Very clever writing. Charlie realises this is fallout from the time change and shifts into Sara’s image to try and change their minds. This backfires as in this timeline Sara was killed by the Unicorn in Woodstock. The team try to kill Charlie but as she is immortal she is able to get away. Along with Zari Cat Charlie goes in search of Constantine who is incarcerated at the Time Bureau.

On arrival there is a plaque in memorial of Sara and Charlie takes on the guise of Gary to get around the bureau. Constantine is in confinement and is in torment as his mind is split in two remembering two timelines. Charlie arrives and puts Zari Cat on the bed. Constantine recognises her and casts a transmogrification spell to make her human again. The next scene is probably my favourite of the episode. Zari coughs up a hair ball and because of those two she has been a cat for so long. When Zari says do you know where this tongue has been?… Places. it is an absolute class moment with Constantine’s face an absolute picture.

Zari is adamant that the way to fix things is to go back to New Orleans and for Constantine to make up with Des. Constantine and Charlie are firm that a trip to Woodstock to save Sara would be enough. As Zari won’t go along with the plan Constantine turns her back into a cat. I would not be impressed. At that moment the Custodians of the Chronology arrive and Constantine, Zari Cat and Charlie need to get to the ship so they can save Sara. They manage to get to Ava’s office where they find a broken hearted Ava. They manage to convince Ava to help them in order to save Sara. However in their escape there is a shoot out where Ava and the Custodians kill each other. Constantine and Charlie are convinced that they can save them by saving Sara who was killed by the unicorn. They destroy the unicorn but Zari is still a cat. Back Charlie goes to the Time Bureau and there is yet another timeline.

This time Charlie notices that Nate, Mick and Ray were all killed defending time and the latest kick ass team are the – Sirens of Space Time. Charlie’s Angels have no chance against these women. The Sirens are Ava, Sara and Gideon. Charlie tries to join the team to find out what happened to try and restore time again. They soon spot she is a shape shifter and they also have a shoot to kill policy. Prior to her escape Charlie discovered that Nate, Mick and Ray were killed by the evil Fairy God Mother in Salem. Meanwhile back on board Constantine is opening up to Zari Cat about his torment. Was really cute to watch and the bond between Constantine and Zari is something I hope will continue.  On Charlie’s return off they go to Salem. They save the boys by getting Prudence to release her Fairy God Mother. Who knew that a suggestion of eating your greens could have such an effect? I bet the Legends wished they knew this the first time around.

But has this action restored time – think again. Poor Zari is now a Puppet. Yet another timeline gone wrong. Constantine goes to investigate and hears what appears to be a team meeting. Constantine has the shock of his life when the entire team are now the Puppets of Tomorrow. Lots of singing follows until Constantine cleverly exclaims what the fraggle rock is going on here? It appears that the Fairy God Mother latched onto Mick and this was the result. Charlie and Constantine keep revisiting the Time Bureau until there are no memorial plaques and Zari is human again. Although all appears normal, things are far from ok as Constantine collapses.

Zari states that Constantine cannot take the changes to the timeline despite them saving Des. Zari accuses Constantine of giving up and that the death of Des does not have to be the end of the story. Constantine finally accepts that he must return to New Orleans to set things right with Des even if it means that it will result in his death. Charlie does not want to loose her powers so Zari uses her powers to knock her out and they leave for New Orleans 2018. To stop them Charlie takes on the guise of Ava and sets Sara, Ray and Mick on a collision course to intercept Constantine. However because the Legends had never met Charlie they still had a shoot to kill policy. Charlie tries to delay them.

In New Orleans, Constantine waits outside the apartment to intercept Des following the breakup. At one point we have three Constantine’s on-screen. Can never have too many. Constantine memory flashes Des so he cannot recall the break-up and waits for the Constantine of 6 months ago to seal their relationship with a kiss and restore the timeline. While Constantine is waiting Ray and Rory are poised to shoot current day Constantine while Sara keeps trying to kill Charlie. Mick and Ray fire and Des and Constantine of six months ago kiss just in time to save current day Constantine. In a wave, time is restored and Constantine is reunited with the medallion.

Constantine returns to the jump ship and is reunited with Zari and Charlie. Constantine remarks that his mind is not in two but his heart certainly is. Seeing Constantine open up has been amazing and has made the episodes magical as well as setting up the remainder of the season. On their return to the waverider all is back to normal. Constantine and Sara have a heart to heart over a drink and Constantine comes clean and admits that he is being pursued by the demon Neron. As a team they have each others back. It was also great to see Zari and Charlie clear the air as well as Mick and Ava bonding. Perhaps not everything is back to normal?

The scene switches to Hank who is playing golf and is notified of Kaupe’s escape. Hank’s apology to his golf partner was the twist I did not see coming. Hank’s golf partner is I suspect Neron who has taken on the likeness of Des. Neron has chosen an image to have maximum impact on Constantine. It appears that Project Hades is the brain child of Neron and Hank is his puppet. The Legends have difficult times ahead.

A great mid-season finale with every bonkers thing you could imagine. It had humour, emotion and lots of twists and turns. I for one hope they get a permanent cat for the waverider. However the key questions going forward – they now know that there is a big bad in the form of Neron. What they don’t know is that Neron has already positioned himself to strike. Will Zari and Constantine continue to bond? Charlie has chosen a mortal life. Will she regret this choice? Will Hank become the latest of Neron’s victims? And what about Mona who was hurt when Hank’s men tried to take Kaupe? What’s clear is that a team comprises many parts – like the broken mirror they slot together like a mosaic and it is this combined effort that they will need to combat Neron in the second half of the season. I just wish I had a jumpship to April for the next round of episodes. This is the waverider over and out…well at least until April.

Legends of Tomorrow – S4 Ep7 – Hell No, Dolly Review

The penultimate episode prior to the mid-season finale has more twists and turns than you can shake a stick at or as in Constantine’s case a cigarette. Right off the bat Constantine is having flashbacks. However, Constantine is soon pulled back to help the rest of the legends deal with a serial killer in New Orleans in 1856. Sara, Ray (with a terrible moustache to impress Norah), Ava and Mick go looking for the first victim while Zari, Charlie and Constantine go looking for the magical creature. Constantine is soon abducted off the street and interrogated by a woman later identified as Priestess Laveau. It turns out that the subject of Constantine’s flashbacks is a guy named Des, who is the love of Constantine’s life. Des gave Constantine a medallion to protect him and Des was in fact Laveau’s great great grandson. Zari and Charlie are soon searching for Constantine and arrive to save him. At this point Constantine promises to save Des even though this would mean changing time. It soon becomes clear that Constantine was being pursued by a demon called Neron who used Des to get to Constantine. Des bargained away his soul to save Constantine and in doing so Des became linked to Neron and when Constantine sent Neron to hell Des was also damned to the same fate. Zari promises to search for a loophole to help save Des. It is for the first time that we discover Constantine’s real reason for joining the Legends and the guilt he is time travelling to run away from. The guilt from the choices that are made and disappointment of things that cannot be are all too real to Constantine and become overwhelming.

Back in 2018, Mona is having a bad day after being knocked off her bike and Nate mistakenly encourages her to reveal the feelings, she is having for someone. Nate thinks she is referring to Gary when in fact she is referring to Konane the Kaupe. Poor Gary more disappointment in store.

Meanwhile Sara, Ray and Mick discover that the serial killer is a spirit that has used a doll as its vessel. The idea of a possessed doll is a bit creepy, but the doll is no match for Mick’s heat gun and the team are soon celebrating defeating the creature. This celebration is short lived as Ava and Mick are at loggerheads and Sara is trying to get them to bond as Ava is the love of her life and Mick is family. This is a really sweet idea but when Mick calls Ava a clone it’s one step too far. At the same time the waverider has become home to the spirit who has left the doll and is looking for a new vessel. The spirit finds a puppet of Stein and begins to attack Ava. Ava is eventually helped by Mick. Sara, Mick, Ava and Ray try to clip the puppets strings and get control.

At the Time Bureau Mona has just told Konane how she feels when he warns her to hide. Two unidentified men enter his cell and take him away. Mona tries to stop them and gets hurt in the process.

The episode reverts to Constantine who is still desperate to change history and enlists the help of Charlie with a promise of restoring her shape shifting ways. They try to stop Constantine and Des from meeting and eventually Constantine enters the timeline and breaks up with Des. The medallion vanishing is a sign of his success. At this moment all of time goes into flux – Charlie gets her powers back while Ava, Sara, Ray, Mick and Mona all appear to be frozen in time while Zari appears to have been replaced by a cat. The episode ends on this cliff-hanger with time and the fate of the team hanging by a thread. Constantine what have you done?

So, we have one episode remaining before the mid-season finale and there are a number of key questions. It would seem obvious that the men taking Konane are part of Project Haetaes and they are working for Hank. What exactly are they getting these creatures to do?  Will Constantine really believe that saving Des was worth the ripple effects that it will cause? Will the fate of time and the fate of tomorrow fall to Charlie? Will she sacrifice the life she wanted to save the team and the world? How will Charlie and Constantine restore time? Will this blip in time actually help to save Mona who was hurt during her altercation with the men!  Let’s hope the blip will result in Ray’s moustache disappearing for good – one can only hope. In terms of the episode the whole puppet thing is a bit strange to me, but the Legends never face normal evil, so it does fit. I do miss the humour of the earlier episodes, but we are getting into the grit of the main story of the season so this needs to take a backseat. Also, I guess we all have moments that we wish we could revisit or avoid altogether but we don’t have a waverider, so our fates are sealed with no puppets involved. What is written is that the cliff-hanger at the end is just that – the next episode could really go either way but let’s just hope the Legends haven’t used up all of their nine lives. Till next week.