Arrow – S5 Ep18 – Disbanded Review

Continuing on from last week, Felicity, Diggle and Curtis are trying to find out what’s happened to Oliver. He doesn’t give anything away and just tells them all to go home. The team decide to use Felicity’s apartment as their new secret layer. Diggle takes charge and tells them all to carry on as normal until Oliver changes his mind.

Oliver, the consummate professional, is straight back to work and has probably the worst Monday morning ever due to an 11am meeting with Chase. Thinking it’s all over, Oliver admits defeat. Chase hands him a knife and tries to goad Oliver into killing him. Oliver continues on his path of self destruction and dumps Susan in an attempt to protect her from Chase. Felicity spends her time at Helix. She has a video of Chase removing the Prometheus mask but his face has been blurred.

Oliver calls in a favour and Anatoly arrives at Arrow HQ. Oliver explains his predicament and asks him to kill Chase. Anatoly agrees to do it in return for help stealing drugs. The team unknowingly rumble Bratva mid drug stealing which pisses Oliver off. Diggle spends the episode trying to convince Oliver to don the hood again, but it falls on deaf ears and Oliver tells the team to stand down. Diggle ignores this and the team decide to stop Bratva from killing Chase for Oliver’s sake and intercept their attack on him. Oliver isn’t pleased and decks Diggle for his betrayal. Chase ends up with heightened security and is out under federal protection. 

Oliver comes round to Diggle’s pleas and asks Anatoly to stand down. The team are reunited and they put a stop to Bratva’s criminal activity. 

Felicity and Curtis break an encryption on the video they have of Prometheus and their evidence against Chase is sent to the police. His protection officers try to arrest him but Chase goes all stabby again and ends up drives off into the sunset.

I’m going to miss the Prometheus music when Oliver kills the hell out of him! 

Arrow – S5 Ep17 – Kapiushon Review

I liked this episode a lot! It splits its time between the flashbacks and present day as normal, but it all revolves around Oliver! By the end of the episode we have two very different Oliver Queens though. One is vengeful, focused and in denial of the person he is becoming, the other is completely broken. 

Oliver is still being held hostage by Prometheus. It’s clear Adrian has big plans and he puts Oliver through some Saw-like challenges to get a confession from him. Oliver finds himself reminiscing about all the people he has killed while having his head dunked in a tub of water, being shot at with arrows and listening to threats against Felicity and his son. 

Adrian repeatedly demands a confession from Oliver, but he doesn’t know what he wants to hear. Oliver’s utter frustration and desperation really comes through halfway the episode. You can see he’s lost and can’t see a way through.

Adrian’s last attempt to get what he wants is in the form of Evelyn. He drags her out battered and bruised and demands that either Oliver kills her or she kills him for either one of them to be set free. Evelyn grabs a knife and goes for it, though she doesn’t stand a chance (obviously). Adrian comes back and snaps her neck, leaving Oliver devastated. This was quite sad to see actually. Yes Evelyn betrayed the team and was in cahoots with Prometheus from the get go, but she’s a young girl with issues. Or at least that’s how I was feeling until she stands up and walks off, revealing it was all a plan to break Oliver. BITCH!!!

And worse still, it worked! Oliver finds himself blurting out that he killed because he wanted to AND he liked it!!!!

That’s obviously what Adrian was waiting for. He lets Oliver go, but only after burning off his Bratva tattoo. 

Oliver arrives back at Arrow HQ as Felicity, Diggle and Curtis are frantically trying to find him still. He walks in broken and bleeding and tells them he is throwing in the towel. He doesn’t want to do this anymore and is shutting everything down.

The flashbacks give us an Oliver who is enjoying killing more and more. After Gregor finally snuffs it, Anatoly is made Pakhan (leader) of Bratva. They begin their search for Kovar, which randomly sees Anatoly interrupt a meeting between Kovar and Malcolm Merlyn. That should prove interesting in the next few episodes! After some chilling interrogation techniques Oliver finds out that Kovar is planning to overthrow the Russian government. 

This all leads to Oliver eventually killing Kovar and being made a Captain of Bratva and receiving his tattoo. Anatoly does try warning Oliver about his increasing enjoyment in killing people, but he’s not prepared to listen. 

This episode was quite a ‘back to basics’ episode of Arrow. It was nice to have a whole episode practically revolve just around Oliver, and even better to see two completely different sides to the character. Personally I found that the episode showed off what a great actor Stephen Amell actually is! 

Arrow – S5 Ep16 – Checkmate Review

Ain’t no mountain high enough to stop Oliver Queen getting the truth! Episode 16 begins with him at the top of one, en route to find Talia. He has worked out that she trained Prometheus. She’s also pretty pissed with Oliver for killing her father so isn’t forthcoming in helping him. She does however throw him a bone and reveals to Oliver that Prometheus is none other than Adrian Chase. 

He goes back to the office and confronts Adrian, who informs Oliver that he’s kept Susan captive and if he dies, so does she. 

Back at the Arrow cave, Oliver tells the team about Adrian. They spilt up and go looking for Susan and agree not to involve the SCPD just yet. This means things get weird as Adrian and Oliver are still working together at City Hall. There’s lots of sneering and grunting as they go back and forth threatening each other under their breath. It’s pretty humorous!!!

Felicity finally shows up after cheating on Team Arrow with her Helix pals. Oliver tells her how worried he is about her keeping secrets. She has however fitted in some work amongst having hacking fun and has found Adrian Chase isn’t his real name. Oliver takes the evidence to Captain Pike who is then stabbed by a ‘mystery man’ and ends up in a coma before he can act on anything. Felicity is getting in too deep and finds herself having to do Helix favours in order to continue using their systems. After re-directing some USA missiles for them, she manages to work out where Susan is being held and a rescue mission begins. 

After Susan is saved, The Green Arrow and Prometheus come face to face. In walks Diggle with Adrian’s wife who previously wouldn’t believe Oliver’s claims that her husband is the Throwing Star Killer. Adrian is gutted but gets all stabby and kills her. A fight begins until Talia turns up and interrupts them. Oliver finds himself chained up waiting for his punishment … 

Arrow – S5 Ep15 – Fighting Fire with Fire Review

Oliver stands trial for impeachment this week. He asks Adrian to represent him as his lawyer, but as the court case starts things aren’t looking great for him. Susan is still mad at Oliver and shows no interest whatsoever when he approaches her for forgiveness.

After a tough first day in court, Thea declares in her Trump style political haze, that they should just blame everything on Malone and destroy his memory. Oliver warns her that if you play with fire you get burnt, and that fireball comes in the form of the Vigilante! He shoots at the Mayor’s limo which sends it spiralling off the road. Dinah, Oliver and even Thea try to take him down but the cops arrive and the Vigilante runs off telling Oliver he has one more day. Dinah finds some material from the Vigilante’s visor and calls it into Felicity. A weird cat and mouse game starts between Dinah and Adrian who both try to take it. 

So this is the scene of the week! Something we have been wanting for weeks …. the reveal of who Prometheus is!!!! The Vigilante is hanging around on a roof top (as he does) when Prometheus pays him a visit. They argue over who loves The Green Arrow more for a while, the Vigilante disappears and then Prometheus takes his mask off. Im hoping I wasn’t the only one trying to tilt my head good enough to recognise the side of his face!! But no, there was no need. The camera pans round and reveals that Prometheus is none other than Adrian ‘right hand man to Mayor Oliver Queen’ Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver decides to call a press conference and announces that he covered up Malone’s murder to protect the public from realising The Green Arrow had gone rogue. This does the job as Oliver has all charges dropped against him, and has a visit from Susan who not only has forgiven him but promises to keep his secret. Thea decides to leave her job after realising  what she is becoming. Does this mean she is finally going to pull out her Speedy costume again? Probably not as she seems to want to rid herself from the evil inside. 

Diggle is worried about Felicity and what she is getting herself into. And rightly so apparently as by the end of the episode she accepts her invitation to join Helix.

Arrow – S5 Ep14 – The Sin-Eater Review

The episode kicks off with Oliver and Diggle at Prometheus’ mother’s house. Oliver goes in and informs her of her sons antics as Star City’s newest villain, expecting her to give him some much needed info. She refuses to help. All is not lost though as a devise made by Felicity and Curtis extracts some intel.

Some of our favourite female villains of the past join forces this week. China White, Cupid and Liza Warner take over a prison transport bus and head back to Star City in search of a hefty amount of money left behind by Tobias Church. Felicity uses those quick fingers and in next to no time finds their location. It takes two attempts but The Green Arrow catches them up. Is it just me that still feels extreme inner joy when he mumbles those famous words ‘You have failed this city’? The Green Arrow almost has them is his grasps when he is interrupted by those pesky ACU agents. He is arrested for the murder of Detective Malone but manages to disappear in a cloud of smoke before they can take him away.

The ladies actually make a pretty fab triple act of villains. Needless to say things don’t work out for them, but I for one would love to see them back together very soon.

Oliver, Quentin and Adrian call a meeting with Agent Pike in he hope he will cut The Green Arrow some slack, but he’s not interested. Oliver ends up going to Pike’s office and confesses The Arrow’s sins and asks for his understanding in the fact that he was set up by Prometheus. 

Susan mans up and asks Oliver straight out if he is The Green Arrow. He lies of course but she doesn’t seem convinced. Thea and Felicity put a spanner in the works of Susan’s plan by hacking into her computer and deleting her files. Thea goes a step further and reports her for plagiarism which results in her being fired. Susan blames Oliver who ends up being pretty pissed off with his sister and ex lover. His anger turns into concern for Thea as he questions what kind of person would do that and compares her to their mother. Is there more to Thea? I mean she has been very quiet recently, and had left Star City for a while!!! 

It’s a big week for Dinah as not only is she sworn into the SCPD, she is handed Laurel’s Black Canary mask. Also I must give a special mention to Curtis/ Mr Terrific who has some combat scenes in this episode. Obviously it doesn’t go well for him, but God loves a trier!!!!