Soap and Glory Wonder Woman Ka-Pout Lip Plumping Glosses Review

The soap and glory Ka-Pout set comes with four spectaculips mini lip plumping glosses in a Wonder Woman logo keepsake tin. The glosses are all neutral colours ( nude, bare,  candy which is a sand colour and plum )which means that they would suit most skin tones but I found that they all looked almost the same once applied. When the lip gloss is applied you get a tingling/buzz on your lips which is to be expected from a plumping gloss but I recommend that you try not to apply too much, as I did.

When I tried the first one the tingling in my lips was actually quite painful and felt more like an allergic reaction and I certainly didn’t get plumper lips. After a few hours I tried one of the other colours but didn’t apply as much,  I still got quite a bit of tingling but it wasn’t as bad as before, but still no plumper lips .  The glosses are ok , they aren’t too sticky which a lot of glosses tend to be, they have a nice shine to them and they do look nice on but they are not the best I have ever had. As I said before they didn’t plump my lips which is the point of a plumping gloss, the colours all look similar and they don’t last very long and you have to keep reapplying. The keepsake tin that the glosses come in is pink and shaped like the Wonder Woman logo.

The tin is quite large and I think it would be nice as a  trinket  / money box.  This is a nice set but I am not very impressed with the lip glosses , I think lipsticks would have been better and I think best part of the set is the tin.

Soap and Glory Wonder Woman Brush Up Your Act Make Up Brushes Review

The soap and glory brush up your act Wonder woman brush set consists of 4 brushes and a keepsake brush bag . There is one large powder brush, cheek brush, eyeshadow brush and a pencil brush all of which have metallic pink handle with gold stars and the Wonder Woman logo in gold at the top of each handle.  The brush fibers are 100% nylon and are very soft to the touch and soft on the skin and feel really nice when applying make up. They are also very easy to clean. I would recommend cleaning your brushes at least once a week if you are using them on a regular basis. The handles have a nice smooth feel to them and they are not too heavy . I really like these brushes  they look pretty,  feel nice , apply make up well and they have the Wonder Woman logo on which is a bonus. The only complaint I have is that I wish that there were more than four brushes in the set , I think a lip brush and maybe an eyeliner brush would be been great additions to the set.

The set also comes with a small keepsake brush bag. The bag is about the size of a pencil case and is a faux leather in a metallic pink to match the brush handles and has the Wonder Woman logo printed on the front and the Soap and glory logo embossed on the back of the bag. It also has a metal gold star on the zip with the Wonder Woman logo . I have no complaints about the bag at all,  the brushes fit in it perfectly and there is enough to fit a couple of lipsticks or lip gloss in the bag with them . Its also the perfect size for a handbag and I fully intend to use it whenever I go on holiday or away for a weekend.

Overall this is a gorgeous set and I think any Wonder Woman fan would absolutely love it.

Soap and Glory Wonder Woman Wonderful Face Palette Review

The soap and glory Wonder Woman palette comes with four eyeshadow, two blushers, one bronzer and a highlighter in a Wonder Woman themed box . The box is quite small ( its about the width of 2 Samsung galaxy’s S9 ) and is about an inch thick and its also very light so it’s the perfect size for a handbag. The four eyeshadows are gold, shimmering brown and bronze and the 2 blushers are rose and peach all neutral colours which means that they would be suitable for most skin tones.  After trying the eyeshadows I found that the colours are easy to apply and long lasting and look really lovely on.

As a qualified make up artist i have tried a lot of make up and I can honestly say that this palette is just as good if not better than some of the more expensive ones that I have tried.

The only downsides for me is that I wish the palette was a bit bigger with more colours and also there is no mirror which although not necessary would come in handy especially if you wanted to take it out in your handbag. I also think it would be nice if it came with some little brushes and maybe a lipstick or gloss but unfortunately you have to purchase them separately.

Overall I think that this is an excellent little palette and perfect for anyone who loves Wonder Woman  / DC comics.

An Interview With Fernando Argüelles

In another of our ‘Interview With’ series, Steve was lucky enough to chat to Fernando Argüelles, the incredibly talented Director of Photography who has worked on many amazing tv shows including Grimm, Hemlock Grove, Prison Break and more recently DC’s own Swamp Thing! Such a great show that not only was a great story but looked absolutely stunning and that is where Fernando Argüelles comes in….

Steve: Hello Fernando, thank you for taking the time to chat with us, we’re huge fans of Swamp Thing and your work on the show is exceptional! Our readers would love to know more about you and your work, so feel free to expand on any of the questions below 🙂 For you what are some of your standout moments from the show?

Fernando: There were two moments: The first time I saw the swamps being built on the set, and the first time I saw the Swamp Thing character. The suit was fantastic and realistic… In those moments, I was certain we were going to produce a great looking show.

Steve: What do you feel a good cinematographer contributes to a finished film/TV show?

Fernando: A cinematographer offers an essential contribution for the look of a finished show. From the moment the cinematographer receives the first script in pre- production, he/she starts to interpret the words into images. From there, these images and ideas begin to evolve through collaborative conversations with the director, production designer and creators. As the creative vision unfolds, we begin to delve into lighting choices & design, selection of cameras, lenses, cranes, dollies, filters, etc. Many of these decisions are made based on locations, so it is crucial to imagine how lighting and equipment might be affected or manipulated per location or sound stage.

Next comes fine tuning and collaboration with the director during production. A cinematographer will often make tweaks with the director on the spot… often we find those “light bulb” moments when we are fully immersed in the process.

Once we reach post production and the show is locked, we ready for color correction. For me, this is a very important part of the equation, and the Director of Photography plays a very important role.

Steve: How much responsibility or pressure do you feel to bring the director’s vision to life?

Fernando: The pressure is very high of course… everything that has been discussed in preproduction has to then be made into a reality. You have to be flexible enough to anticipate & make changes on the fly if needed, yet, the trick is to do so without losing the integrity of the look. This intensifies more in TV because we often have a different director for each episode, unlike features where the same director is part of the vision from start to finish. In television, guest directors come to the table with their own perspectives; the challenge in this is that it may differ from the way the show has been shot in previous episodes. In this situation, a cinematographer must respect both the new vision of the director as well as the integrity and look of the show as a whole.

Steve: You’ve done quite a lot of action shows, and with Swamp Thing and Grimm, a fair amount of fantasy/horror. are you a fan of the genre?

Fernando: Yeah …. My first fantastic/horror/fantasy show was actually “Hemlock Grove” for Netflix, I like fantasy and surrealism. “Hemlock” was my introduction to the genre … and as long as there is a significant point and statement, as in the case of The Swamp, I am all in. I felt connected to the message & the implicit moral importance of protecting the environment.

I also find that fantasy shows offer a lot of room for visual creation; there is a surreal element that gives a tremendous platform to be imaginative and creative. My mind thrives in a space where creative freedom can evolve.

Steve: Are you a comic fan and if so which ones?

Fernando: I love some comics… I remember reading a lot of them back in Spain when I was very young. I believe I had gotten my hands on Red Ryder a bit before my time, but loved it! Later, I discovered Spiderman, Batman, Thor and Swamp Thing.

I have always had a certain fascination with movies about jungles, forests and swamps. I love I Walked With a Zombie, directed by Jacques Tourner, released in 1943; the excellent cinematography by J. Roy Hunt, ASC features deep shadows and high-contrast photography. With Swamp Thing, I saw the possibility of doing a series set in modern times with visual aesthetics that could be a bit old- fashioned. It promised to be both an adventure and a great creative opportunity.

Steve: Who are your inspirations?

Fernando: Everything that Art has produced in the last 2019 years and before, from the Paleolithic paintings of the Altamira caves to Picasso. Movies, paintings, sculptures, architecture, design, etc., I take inspiration from everything I see that I consider artistic and interesting.

In terms of cinematographers, Carlo Muntuori, Gregg Toland, Luis Cuadrado, Gianni di Vennanzo, Karl Freund, Gordon Willis, Raoul Coutard, Roger Deakins, and many more. Gregg Toland was a genius of composition with wide angel lenses, his b&w cinematography was brilliant & his framing was superb. Gianni de Venanzo was one of the leading cinematographers of Italian neo- realism, working with such director’s as: Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni. Raoul Coutard was the cinematographer of the “nouvelle vague” in new French cinema of the 60’s. Godron Willis who “The Godfather”, was one of the best American cinematographers, and Roger Deakins is responsible for some of the best visual films of the decade.

Steve: Which recent films have impressed you, in terms of cinematography?

Fernando: Blade Runner 2049, Ex Machina, Sicario, Phantom Thread; Ex machina has an exquisite framing coupled with a lighting style that really transports us to a different time and space… we find ourselves in a robot reality that feels somehow quite natural and non-contrived. The subtlety of the style is what makes it truly spectacular.

Blader Runner 2049 is a highly stylized visual movie, wherein a unique world is created, the production design and photography are very special.

Steve: With Swamp Thing now over, though we hope it still has life somewhere else, whats your next project?

Fernando: At present I am in Edinburgh, Scotland, believe or not, doing a romantic comedy after Swamp Thing …. Hahaha, quite a change!

Steve: Haha quite a change indeed, thank you for chatting to us and letting our readers get to know a little more about you!

Once again thank you so much to Fernando Argüelles for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat to us here at Earth9, we are massive fans of his work and are very much looking forward to seeing his next projects, so be sure to head over to and Instagram to keep up to date with all of his projects!

An Interview With Juan Albarran

Jim recently got to chat to Juan Albarran, who is a Inker/Artist for some amazing DC titles, here is what he had to say!

Jim: Hello Juan and welcome to Earth9, thank you for taking the time out to talk to us!

Juan: Thank you so much for having me! Happy to be on Earth9.

Jim: Firstly you have worked on some amazing books for DC, can you tell us just some of the things you’ve worked on?

Juan: The main titles I’ve worked on for DC are Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2, after that I’ve done quite a bit of work in the Justice League family of books: Justice League, Justice League Dark and Justice League Oddyssey. I have worked on a few other titles but usually for a short amount of time.

Jim: You’re a very busy man from the looks of your Twitter, what are you working on at the moment?

Juan: I am currently inking Dani Sampere on Wonder Woman Giant. I had worked on Wonder Woman before but never as the main character and I have to say that it’s a blast, I hope I can stay in the book for a while.

Jim: What was the first DC comic you got to work on?

Juan: My first job for DC was inking a few pages for Nightwing #18 (New 52). It was a challenging gig because I had to spend most of my day at my old day job to then come back home and spend all night inking. Also, the penciler I inked was Juanjo RyP, who is known for drawing very detailed pages so it took me a while to finish the job. I met my deadline, though, so it was all good in the end.

Jim: You have done a lot of work for DC but which has been your favourite DC books to work on so far?

Juan: I think my favorite one is Justice League Dark, I love dark noir comics so working on characters like John Constantine was a lot of fun. I hope I had the chance to work on those characters again someday.
Also, Injustice 2 was amazing when it comes to how fans reacted to our work. Tom Taylor’s scripts were the best, Bruno Redondo and Dani Sampere’s pencils were just as good so the experience was great from a creative point of view as well.

Jim: We all have our favourite characters who is your favourite DC character to read about and then to draw/Ink?

Juan: Batman, always Batman. Like I mentioned before noir crime comics are my favorite so he has to be my favorite. Also, when it comes to drawing or inking, Batman is a bit easier than other characters, you can do a lot with black and shadows and still end up with a cool piece.

Jim: Nice easy one, what is your favourite DC Film?

Juan: Richard Donner’s first Superman and Tim Burton’s first Batman had a huge impact on me when I was a kid so I have to at least mention them here but my favorite is Nolan’s The Dark Knight by far. In my opinion it’s still the best superhero movie that’s ever been done.

Jim: Do you watch any DC tv shows current or old series and if so which do you like the best?

Juan: I’m not a huge fan of TV shows, they tend to run for too long and storylines get a bit too crazy for my taste. But I loved seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow, the first 3 seasons of Flash and also the beginning of Supergirl. I didn’t quite like Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow was ok. But I am currently not watching any TV shows though I want to watch Swamp Thing, I just love that character and I’ve heard very good things of Titans so I will check that one out eventually as well.

Jim: Out of all the amazing artists and writers DC has is there anyone you would you like to work with in the future

Juan: That’s a tough question, I have inked Dani Sampere for many years and we’ve grown so much together that I don’t really think much about working with other pencilers. But dreaming is free so I guess I’ll say I’d love to ink legends like John Romita Jr. or Carlos Pacheco or other artists like Ryan Ottley and Charlie Adlard. Adlard specially, would be a really really cool artist to work with.

Jim: What are some of you favourite DC comic book stories

Juan: My favorite DC story ever is Gotham Central, Michael Lark’s art is amazing and Brubaker and Rucka’s scripts are incredible. Again, the noir crime type of comics I love. Among my favorites are also Batman Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and Batman Earth One. There are many more, of course but I guess the classic Batman stories will always be my favorites.

Jim: And lastly do you have any exciting DC projects coming up that you can talk about?

Juan: I am working on Wonder Woman Giant at the moment and loving it but I think I will briefly go back to the Justice League family of books soon. I can’t share any details yet, though but I will as soon as I can.

Jim: Amazing, thank you so much for chatting with us and letting our readers know a little bit more about you!

If you would like to check out some of Juan’s work, we can highly recommend Injustice 2 which is out now and bridges the game between the first and second video games and is absolutely fantastic! And Justice League Dark which has just had the second volume published, so head over to your nearest comic book shop or online retailer and pick them up!

Also be sure to follow him on Twitter @JuanAlbarran75 to see some of his amazing work and keep up with what his up to, not only is he a phenomenal artist hes an awesome guy too!