This Week in DCTV – 26/2/21

Superman & Lois join the line up this week along with Batwoman and Black Lightning, lets see what the team thought of them!

Superman & Lois

Jim – Wow what a debut!! I have to say this was possibly the strongest pilot the Arrowverse has ever had, the longer run time made it feel epic and the introduction to the Kent kids is fantastic, a new take on a story that we thought we knew! Tyler is great as both Clark and Superman and the chemistry with Elizabeth’s Lois is just so natural and their role as parents to Jordan and Jonathan fits so well.

The whole episode flows really nicely between Superman doing what he does best and the challenge of him and Lois being parents to two teenagers. The Easter eggs and plots twists really added to the whole story. This episode made me laugh, cry and I just want more now!

Rob – YES YES YES!!!!! What a fantastic pilot. This has such a different tone to the other CW shows and I don’t think I’ve been this invested in any of the others after just one episode. I felt like I was watching a movie. Tyler and Elizabeth have great on screen chemistry. Tyler plays both Clark and Superman brilliantly. Love the new look, love the new suit. Jordan and Alex are great as the twins and I’m digging the aspect of Clark and Lois being parents. This is fresh and exciting and I’m already buzzing for the next episode. Lastly, I loved the scene with Jordan Kent playing Injustice 2!

Alan – What a start!! I loved every second of this! The show feels different to any other the “Arrowverse” shows which, for me, makes if feel fresh, but at the same time it felt like Superman.

The show is full of little references and Easter eggs and references, I’ve watched it twice to try and spot them after I saw a few the first time. I love that it puts Superman in a world where he is dealing with all stuff real people have to deal with. Moody kids, work troubles, family issues. This felt like parts of my life, and was so relatable.

I’m all in, and looking forward to seeing where they go with it. For me, it’s the best pilot of any CW DC show so far. If the whole season keeps at this level, it will be must watch TV.

Justin – UP, UP, AND AWAY!!

At long last, the highly anticipated series, Superman & Lois, has finally premiered! The Man Of Steel has officially returned to the silver screen in a new series which places him in a new position: fatherhood! This exciting addition to the CW’s Arrowverse sees Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) and his beloved wife and world famous reporter Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) face parenthood while juggling their respective jobs.

Now this is what a Superman and Lois series is supposed to be! Full of hope, heroics, and optimism, this series captures the best of these characters and places them in a fascinating situation: parenthood. The cast and crew deliver a simply superb pilot featuring great action, powerful emotion, and compelling storytelling. Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch are phenomenal in the title roles continuing from their appearances in previous Arrowverse shows. Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin shine as the Kent twins delivering powerful performances. The rest of the supporting casting compliment them nicely fleshing out this fascinating world. I am thoroughly impressed by not only the writing and performances, but the visual effects and movie quality cinematography. This is shot beautifully and though it shares the same continuity with the other Arrowverse shows, its look sets it apart and allows it to be its own thing. I personally feel that this trend was started with DC’s Stargirl, which also has the same quality. All in all, I am fully on board with this series and can’t wait to see where the story goes!


Rob – The issue I’m having is that for us to truly see Javicia as Batwoman we need to move on from Ruby Rose. The Kate storyline seems to be getting bigger and bigger rather than just quickly wrapping up her character. It’s boring me and it’s distracting. Just give us Ryan – we love her! So unfortunately this episode was another miss for me, even the Jack Napier name drop couldn’t save it.

Alan – The hunt for Alice continues, fine I guess. The problem that I have is that there are now something like three separate searches for Kate all running alongside each other, and I’m struggling to see where this is going. Unless they’ve managed to talk Ruby Rose into some kind of appearance, I’m not sure what the payoff is, maybe I’m missing something.

What was  interesting thing for me was that Ryan seems to having some kind of lasting effects or slowly developing effects to the Kryptonite that pierced the Batsuit previously, so we’ll have to see what that means.

I watched it after Superman and Lois, which showed me that that’s the thing Batwoman is only just fine. It’s not exceptional. I’ll stick with it for now, but if I find myself short of time in a week, at the moment it’s now the one that would be dropped.

JustinBatwoman once again delivers an intriguing and compelling episode. This season is doing a fantastic job of weaving together each character’s storylines together as well as including important social themes. Javicia Leslie’s Ryan is now fully integrated into this show for me personally. She no longer feels like a placeholder, although the spectre of Kate still looms. It is great to see her bond with the rest of Team Batwoman especially Luke (Camrus Johnson). Their scene on the balcony of Wayne Tower was deeply moving. Luke is finally starting to warm up to her and realizes they have things in common. This episode delves further into social issues such as corruption in law enforcement which is especially relevant today. The show handles this well unlike others that are oftentimes too heavy handed.

Lincoln Clauss’s Wolf Spider was a great addition to the show this episode. I enjoyed this take on the character and the representation it provides.

Rachel Skarsten continues to shine as Alice! I for one am glad the writers have more stories to tell with her that are not solely tied to Kate.

I am intrigued to see where the story goes from here!

Black Lightning

JustinBlack Lightning continues its streak of enjoyable episodes! This episode asks two interesting questions: “Who is Jefferson without Black Lightning?” and “What is Freeland without Black Lightning?” The series begins to answer these questions with Jefferson beginning to step out from behind his alter-ego’s shadow. In addition, the city is in shambles after Black Lightning’s disappearance. Crime is on the rise and his kids are left to save the city themselves. This episode also continues to showcase Lynn’s struggle with identity and being her true self. I must commend the writers and actors for showcasing this aspect of superheroism and presenting more human stories. So far, this season has the potential to be a special closing chapter for the series.