Smallville – S2 Ep11 – Visage Review

Following on from the previous episode where Lana revealed that Whitney is missing in action, we find him struggling to survive with his military unit in Indonesia. Whitney heroically tries to save one of his men when they come under heavy fire and there is an explosion right before the opening credits. It is hard to think how Whitney will come out of this alive. With Whitney out of Lana’s life she has been spending more time with Clark, just as they are making plans to go out together Whitney makes a shocking return to the High School. Lana runs to him and throws her arms around him in a warm embrace, much to Clark’s disappointment – but is Whitney’s miraculous return for real?

Lana decides to give Whitney a ‘welcome home’ party at the Talon, he claims he is experiencing memory loss because of the explosion and has no recollection of the break up video Lana sent to him. Clark reluctantly goes to the party when his Dad reminds him he needs to put his feelings aside to honour Whitney’s service to the country. At the Talon Whitney is very hostile towards Clark for spending so much time with Lana, even though the last time they saw each other, Clark made a promise to him that he would look after Lana. In a jealous rage Whitney pulls the door off one of the bathroom stalls and warns Clark to stay away from her. The next day Lana is mad with Clark as Whitney has told her that Clark was the one who was jealous, as always she is very quick to put the blame on Clark without hearing him out.

A military officer turns up at the Fordman house to speak with Whitney’s mother, he tries to tell her that Whitney has been killed in action but before he can get his sentence out, Whitney bludgeons him to death with a baseball bat and silences his mother. He proceeds to interrogate her on the small details of his life that he should know about when he reveals his true identity… the shape shifter Tina Greer! You will remember Tina from early last season who had an obsession with Lana. Clark manages to put the pieces together after x-raying Tina and worries that, after their last encounter, she knows about his abilities. Concerned that Clark is onto her Tina steps up her plans and, still masquerading as Whitney, she asks Lana to marry her. Lana turns her down and comes clean about the break up video, this obviously doesn’t go down well with Tina but she decides to switch tactics and as a parting gift, asks Lana for her kryptonite necklace.

Tina pretends to be Jonathan Kent in order to get close enough to Clark to weaken him with the necklace. She locks Clark down in his storm cellar and tells him she is in love with Lana and the only way she knows she can be with her is to become the person Lana is really in love with… Clark! While trapped Clark struggles to break free from the kryptonite, only for his space ship to mysteriously neutralise it and save him. Clark rushes to rescue Lana from Tina, who is now pretending to be him, the real Clark arrives and manages to convince Lana of who Tina really is. We see Clark fight Tina (as himself) outside of the Talon and she meets her demise by impaling herself on a large metal spike.

In other news, Lex is still dating Dr Helen but is starting to have doubts about whether he can trust her. He confronts her about a secret meeting she had with Lionel after a large sum of money appears in her bank account. Helen takes offence that Lex has been investigating her and says she doesn’t want to be with someone who spies on her. It transpires that Lionel tried to bribe Helen to stay away from Lex but she refused to take his money. She is disappointed that Lex jumped to the wrong conclusion without giving her the chance to explain. Lex open up to Helen about the reasons behind his trust issues, mainly to do with his father’s influence and growing up without his mother. Helen takes his hand and decides to give him another chance.

When the sad truth about Whitney’s death in combat is finally revealed, Clark wonders that if he didn’t have his abilities, would he be able to be as courageous as Whitney and put himself in harm’s way in order to protect others. Jonathan assures him that he believes he would. Down in the caves Lana finds Clark and breaks down in tears, upset that everyone she has ever cared about leaves her including Aunt Nell. I always felt Lana thinks of her aunt in a very negative way which seems unwarranted, as she was the only person there for her after her parents died and even offered her a place in her new life in Metropolis, horse riding lessons and all!  She tells Clark that he is the one good thing in her life and she doesn’t want to loose him as well. He gives her a hug and assures her that he isn’t going anywhere. It was nice the show provided some closure on Whitney’s story, even if it turned out to be a sad one, the fallout of his death is yet another obstacle in the continuing Clark and Lana emotional roller coaster.