This Week in DCTV – 19/2/21

Things are ramping up with DCTV, Batwoman and Black Lightning this week!


Rob – What I want to know is how did little Ryan resist eating all those jelly beans on day one???

I like Ryan and Mary bonding and becoming friends. I wasn’t enjoying the backstory at first but it gave more substance to Ryan and her reasons for wanting to be Batwaman and it’s genuinely Javicia that’s keeping my interest in the show at the moment.

Alan – We’re back for the fourth episode of Batwoman, and I’m still liking it so far.

This episode tried to do multiple plot points all woven together, but I’m not sure how well that worked. The opening started off with a  whole drugs plot line, which then seemed to not really go anywhere, and we still have the looking for Kate hunt. I’m, not sure where they are planning on going with that, but I feel like it’s not going to pay off, because we already know Ruby Rose is very unlikely to come back.

I did very much enjoy that we got a lot of Ryan’s backstory and her childhood showing how she was kidnapped by someone who is still operating. There were references to Batman and Joker in this backstory, and we find out that she was a comic book kid. Which also shows id DC Comics is at thing in this universe, as is the Green Lantern Corps, in comic form at least.

I felt there was very little actual Batwoman in this episode, it was only really right at the beginning and then the end, but that was fine. We also look like we could be heading towards and alliance, at very least and acceptance from the Crows that Batwoman is helpful.

Overall while there were elements, I wasn’t sure on, I enjoyed this again, and will continue to come back next time. Final thought, is Ocean Black Mask?

JustinBatwoman is back after a brief one week break (due to the Superbowl) with another great episode! This fourth chapter of Season 2 sees Ryan recall a painful part of her past as she sets out to find a missing kid. Our new Batwoman is such a fascinating character. Ryan’s latest mission further cements the kind of hero she has set out to be: a hero for the overlooked. The series is doing an incredible job of depicting real life issues while still providing an element of fantasy and escapism.

This was yet another stellar episode of Batwoman! Ryan is truly coming into her own as Gotham’s hero. Using her own past experiences, she is able to reach those that Kate necessarily could not. It is powerful to see a hero that champions those that are overlooked by society. Ryan’s backstory continues to be powerful and compelling.The Candy Lady proved to be an unexpectedly menacing side villain. I also loved the dynamic between Sophie and Alice in this episode. I am curious to see who is able to track down Kate first, that is if she is even alive.

I am looking forward to what’s next!

Black Lightning

Justin – Dark are the days in Freeland. It seems that this is the new normal for the city and its people. This second chapter of the final season sees the Pierce Family and the city of Freeland continue to deal with the pain, grief, and the rising gang warfare. Jefferson continues to be reckless with his abilities as he processes his grief. This puts him at odds with Gambi, who is on a mission of his own to protect the city’s metas. Only two episodes and this season is already shaping up to be a worthy conclusion to this important series. This series is at its strongest when it uses the fantastical element to elevate human stories.

As I said in my season premiere review, it is refreshing to see the series come full circle and focus on the Pierce Family and the personal quest to protect Freeland. The way the series presents moral ambiguity and what it means to be a hero continues to be fascinating. Jefferson’s recent behavior isn’t necessarily right, but you can understand his motivation. Lynn is doing things for noble reasons as well, but her methods are also questionable. This episode also leans into the strained relationships between Jefferson and his family. His falling out with Gambi was especially heartbreaking to watch. Speaking of Gambi, I am glad to see him have personal attachments outside of the Pierce family. I feel like he has earned a chance to settle down and have some love in his life. It will definitely be interesting to see how the storyline plays out. All in all, I am excited to see where the season takes us!