This Week in DCTV – 29/1/21

We’re back with just Batwoman again, lets see what the guys thought!!

Jim – Ok so after last weeks triumphant return of Batwoman I was quite excited for this episode…..unfortunately episode 2 didn’t quite live up to the level of the premiere, it was still a good episode, Ryan’s character development continues well and I do really like her but the rest of the ep felt like a little bit like filler, there are a lot of side stories going on so i just feel like they need to tighten it up going forward, but I’m looking forward to where it goes!

Rob – I still love everything about Ryan and it’s fun watching her find her footing as the new Batwoman. Although I enjoyed the interactions between Ryan and Alice very much and the poison bats were fun, this kind of felt like a filler episode to me and for episode two that’s not the best. Ryan discovering Kate’s diary and beginning to write to Kate as she did to Bruce, was a nice touch.

It might be a little crazy because of the general tone of the show but I want to see something a bit more lighthearted from it, more so to have other layers to Ryan so she doesn’t just become the typical, brooding vigilante stereotype.

Alan – Week two, and I came to Batwoman for episode 2, and so far so good. Again I enjoyed this. I though Javicia Leslie was good again as Ryan, but I think Alice steals the show (I thought she did in what I saw of season 1 too). OI thought episode felt very much something that fits well in the “Batman Universe”.

There were a few things that I particularly enjoyed, I chuckled at the cop trying to shoot bats with a shotgun, and I enjoyed the view through the cowl when Ryan was looking for the device bringing in the bats. It felt very much like detective vision from the Arkham game series. I did feel like the bats were gotten rid of a little too easily. I’m not sure that an explosive device that small thrown on the road under a bus would make it explode the way it did and kill all those bats. Then I thought, hey, it’s TV show based on a comic book so we don’t need (and probably don’t want) that to be super realistic.

Overall, once again, I enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing where it goes now that Ryan has now been accepted to become Batwoman officially to give Gotham the hope it needs (until Kate returns)