Batman Beyond – S1 Ep4 – Golem Review

In this episode we have the classic tale of the bullied school nerd being given the opportunity for revenge and eventually going crazy with power.

There are a few events which lead to Willie Watt taking to the dark side. Rejection from his school boy crush Blade, being picked on by school bully, Nash and being antagonised by his Dad all add up to his anger. He steals a robot from his Dad’s work called The Golem which he can control by using a visor and first on his agenda is to hit Nash right where it hurts. His car!!

I really enjoyed this episode and it’s definitely the best so far. Subtle elements remind you that this is set in the future and I appreciate how these things aren’t thrown at you. It’s all very natural. We also see more of Terry’s personality and private life in this too which is important in us building a connection with his character. Even though they’re not friends, Terry springs to Willie’s defence several times which was nice to see. I feel like we are seeing Terry gain more control over his Bat-abilities too which again is portrayed subtly which doesn’t give you the repetition of watching someone’s ‘journey’.

As Willie increasingly gains control over The Golem he becomes another great villain introduced in the series. I must also mention that I loved the additional vocal talent of Seth Green as Nash and Scott McAfee as Willie for this episode. I’m quickly learning that this show is not going to disappoint!