Smallville – S2 Ep7 – Lineage Review

We begin the episode with a typical morning at the Kent farm house with Clark, Martha and Jonathan all rushing to eat breakfast and head off to work or school. As they all go about their day a mysterious woman arrives at their home and lets herself in – some locks on the doors would be good! She finds a picture of Clark and gazes lovingly at it, just who could this strange woman be? She then tracks him down at school and tells him that she is his mother. Now we know this can not be true as Clark isn’t even from this planet…

This episode does answer some questions about how Martha and Jonathan ended up adopting Clark legally. Rachel, the woman who claims to be Clark’s mother says she gave a boy up for adoption to Metropolis United Charities, and his name was Lucas, she says Clark was the only other boy to be adopted through them. With this revelation Clark goes to Chloe and is upset to find out she has been looking into his adoption, even after she said she would stop. Chloe does give Clark a bit more insight when she tells him that Metropolis United Charities was founded by Lionel Luthor.

With the pieces coming together Rachel’s next stop is the Luthor mansion. She meets with Lex and tells him she once had a relationship with Lionel and that he is the father of the boy she gave up for adoption, thus giving Lex the impression that Clark could be his half-brother. Lana is also on a mission to find out about the man her mother was with – Henry Small, she also goes to Chloe for help in finding him as he could be her biological father.

Clark looks to his parents for answers about why Lionel was behind his adoption. In a series of flashbacks, we return to the day of the meteor shower and find out exactly what transpired after Martha and Jonathan found Clark in the field. On the way home with Clark, and his spaceship in the back of a truck, they come across Lionel on the road asking for help with his son Lex who had been caught in the field where Clark’s ship landed. Jonathan carries Lex to his truck and they all go to the hospital together. Lionel shows his gratitude to Jonathan and tells him to call if he ever needs a favour repaid.

When Martha and Jonathan decide they want to keep Clark but struggle with how to explain his sudden appearance in their lives, Jonathan goes to Lionel for help faking his adoption. Lionel then uses this as leverage to make Jonathan convince the Ross brothers to sell their corn factory. This explains Jonathan’s deep rooted distrust of the Luthor’s and their motives for offering help to anyone. After hearing this story, Clark begins to blame himself as he feels guilty for his dad being put in a position where he had to do Lionel’s bidding.

When Clark’s DNA doesn’t match Rachel’s she thinks Lionel has tampered with the results in an effort to keep her from their son. In retaliation, Rachel kidnaps Lex and forces Lionel to admit what she believes to be the truth – that Clark is their son Lucas. When Lionel refuses to meet her demands she nearly kills Lex with an axe but Clark arrives just in time get between them. Rachel sees that Clark has powers no human being could possess and she finally accepts that she is not his real mother.

In other news Clark forgives Chloe for her constant snooping into his past and she confesses a secret of her own, that her own mother walked away from her as a child and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Also we see Lana find Henry Small and is disappointed to learn he has a new family and is reluctant to accept that she could be his daughter, but Clark convinces her not to give up on him yet. Later Henry turns up at the Talon and tells Lana he is willing to take a DNA test himself to find out the truth.

This episode certainly delved deeper into the theme of family secrets that the show has set up very well so far this season as Clark, Lex, Lana and even Chloe struggle with their identities. At the end Lex confronts Lionel over Rachel’s claims they had a child together – as we know Lionel was not a faithful husband. Lionel convinces Lex that Lucas died before his first birthday, but the final shot is of Lionel holding a locket containing a picture of a young boy. We are just now scratching the surface of all the secrets Lionel has in his closet. Stay tuned as next up is ‘Ryan’.