Batman Beyond – S1 Ep3 – Blackout REview

In this episode we see Terry stupidly attempting to live any kind of normal life. His night off doesn’t go to plan and it’s not long before Bruce calls upon him to fight off a new villain.

Meet Inque. An oily, slimy, sultry shapeshifter who is recruited by Derek Powers to destroy a rival company. Inque was great and her introduction brought in some great fight scenes. We also got to see Terry show of his smarts as he quickly realised that she doesn’t like water and begins to use this against her.

I still find myself excited by Terry’s bat suit and in Blackout we may have possibly witnessed a new disguise for Bruce too which is more fitting for a detective. Bruce really holds up his part of this new team by putting his detective skills into practice. There was a nice scene at the end of the of the episode where we meet Barbara Gordon for the first time. An older version than what we are used to seeing but the brief interaction she has with Bruce shows off how much history they have. More of this please!!!