Batman Beyond – S1 Ep2 – Rebirth: Part 2 Review

“You’re pretty strong for someone who thinks they’re Batman”

An action packed second episode completely has you hooked by the end (if you wasn’t already). This was a brilliant episode and it really sets the tone for what’s to come.

Bruce figures out what Derek Powers is up to and isn’t happy that he’s experimenting with nerve gas under his company’s name. He sets Terry off on a mission to pass on the evidence to Commissioner Barbara Gordon, but Derek Powers appears to be one step ahead.

There are excellent combat scenes mixed in with some very witty one liners as Terry steals that sexy Batsuit on a mission to put a stop to Powers’ antics. This suit is so awesome and takes Batman’s strength and skills to a whole new level. It actually makes this an even more exciting viewing experience as you watch him do things like seemingly make batarangs appear out of thin air.

Bruce does his best to put up resistance to Terry’s bat desires but by the end of the episode gives in and takes on the Alfred role of being Terry’s guide. He loosens up the grumpy even more and we start the journey of their relationship as Bruce officially welcomes Terry to his world.

Powers’ bragging about his nerve gas backfires on him. His own evidence shows that the gas doesn’t mix well with humans, but luckily for him, he comes out glowing! Oh and a special mention to Mr Fixx, Powers’ right hand man. Love this character. He’s scary as hell and made it to the top of Terry’s list. I’m so excited for more!!!