Batman Beyond – S1 Ep1 – Rebirth: Part 1 Review

Here is the introduction to a new chapter in the Batman story. A world where Bruce Wayne has grown old and is physically unable to maintain his vigilante lifestyle.

Episode 1 really sets up the story well. We initially get to see Bruce in action but also witness just how much it takes out of him. After rescuing a damsel in distress he hangs up the bat suit and vows to never wear it again. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful that suit is!!! It’s so sleek and it instantly indicates that this something fresh and new.

Skip 20 years ahead and we meet Terry McGinnis. He’s balsy, full of angst and seems to easily attract trouble. You immediately realise he’s destined for greater things when he takes on a copycat group of villains called The Jokers. This leads him to his first meeting with Bruce Wayne who, with the aid of a walking stick, helps fight them off. Terry innocently quickly discovers the batcave which is probably going to come in very handy to him as the story progresses.

The animation is pretty typical of it’s time and I liked that it’s futuristic but doesn’t give us ridiculous and unbelievable visions of what the future would look like. The antagonist is clearly going to be Bruce Wayne’s business partner, Derek Powers and he’s already made an enemy in Terry. This was a brilliant first episode and really does leave you eager for more.