Batman: TAS – S1 – Prophecy Of Doom Review

Would you trust your money with a man who claims to know when the great fall will happen….of course not, so why are Gotham’s most wealthy doing just that?

Everyone is have a great time on a casino ship that is until a bomb in the boiler room goes off and they have to get to the lifeboats. The casino patron’s watch as the ship sinks into the sea.

In a fancy restaurant Bruce Wayne is having dinner with a banking friend of his Ethan Clark and his daughter Lisa Clark. Ethan tells Bruce about a fortune tell who warned him not to go on a recent gambling cruise which sunk. Lisa is not so sure and believes that this fortune teller named Nostromos is full of baloney. Ethan reminds Lisa of other predictions by Nostromos that did in fact come true.

Outside Lisa confides in Bruce that she thinks Nostromos could be making his predictions come true by nefarious means. Her father won’t make any moves financially without Nostromos’ approval and he has even joined a secret society to support this purveyor of predictions. You can see Bruce take all this information in and I predict that Nostromos will receive a visit from a bat.

At a meeting of the secret society Nostromos speaks a load of rubbish and the crowd are lapping it all up. Well all but one, Bruce is there and as instantly singled out by Nostromos. He claims the messenger of death is crying out for Bruce.

Back at the batcave Batman analyses Nostromos’ finger prints he got from the meeting. The Batcomputer finds a match and they belong to career criminal and con man Carl Flowers. The Batcomputer also shows Carl’s old partner Lucas a special effects man who was arrested for fraud but never convicted.

As Bruce is about to use his private elevator at Wayne Enterprises a security guard tells him it had just been repaired. Bruce is unaware of any issues with his elevator. As it nears the top of the building we see someone throw a spanner into its gears and pours acid on the cable. As the elevator falls Bruce now dressed as Batman (I’m so glad he had time to change) uses his Batgrapple to reach the top and go after the saboteur. After a long chase the masked saboteur manages to escape by throwing acid on to a gas pipe, with Batman distracted he gets away.

Lucas (the saboteur) is explaining to Nostromos or should I say Carl that he didn’t know Batman would show up at Wayne Towers. Carl is angry that Bruce survived as his death would of made the stupid…sorry I mean the secret society give him even more money. Ethan calls Nostromos and tells him that Bruce has seen the light (I’m sure he has).

Bruce goes all Basil Karlo on Nostromos and acts like his near death experience has shown him that Nostromos has a divine connection and he begs for forgiveness. Ethan asks if Bruce can now become a full member of the secret society, Nostromos agree as he knows how big Bruce’s pockets are. Lisa sees this and is disappointed in Bruce and she tells Nostromos that he has ripped off his last victim. Bruce wants to tell Lisa the truth but he can’t break character now or give away who he really is.

As Ethan drives Bruce to a meeting he explains that Nostromos has predicted a great fall, an economical collapse but every member of the society has donated a lot of money to a trust fund that will guard against it. Nostromos controls the fund but he can’t spend any of it without Ethan’s   signature.

At the meeting Nostromos declares that the great fall with happen very soon and as he speaks of all that will happen he starts to levitate. As this is happening Lisa has snuck in to the meeting and she finds Lucas literally pulling the strings. He is using his special effect experience to hoist Nostromos up in the air with wires from a control room. Lisa goes to tell everyone the truth but Lucas catches her before anyone sees her.

Alfred is shocked to find out Bruce has donated $10 million dollars to the Trust fund. Bruce explains he had to so he could keep the act going. He is worried that Ethan will undergo a spiritual crisis that will make him sign the money away to Nostromos.

Ethan visits Nostromos and tells him he can’t find Lisa. Nostromos tell him that Lisa is fine and he sees Ethan joining her soon. Nostromos levitates again and asks that the fund be converted into gold bullion so it is protected from the great fall. He just happens to have the correct paperwork for Ethan to sign so that can happen straight away. Ethan is reluctant so Nostromos shows him Lisa tied to a planet on a planetarium set he uses in some of his tricks. He warns that if Ethan doesn’t sign Lisa will pay as Lucas has set the building up with enough explosives to create a supernova.

Suddenly Nostromos starts to fly all over the place but this time neither he nor Lucas are in control. Batman is using that particular special effect against him. Both Lucas and Nostromos climb up to a catwalk to find Batman. Lucas is blinded by spotlights and Batman swoops in to kick him over. He fights Lucas who is nearly a match for him. As this is going on Nostromos starts playing with levers and buttons in the control room. This sends all the planets in the planetarium spinning at a very fast pace and they starts smashing into each other. Batman and Lucas fall from the catwalk and start fighting again but this time inside the planets, Batman knocks Lucas off and he falls into another planet. Nostromos tries to get away but he is run over by the planet earth. Batman frees Lisa just in time and he reunites her with her very embarrassed and foolish father. Lucas and Nostromos are sent to prison for life.

As a child I’m sure I was looking out for The Joker or Catwoman rather than a fake psychic. But now I can appreciate a different kind of villain, a villain who was just a con man with a very handy partner. These kind of episodes make the ones with Batman’s rogues a lot more special.