The Flash 90s – Ep18 – Twin Streaks Review

It looks like Central City has a case of double vision.

Doctor Jason Brassell and his associate Ted Whitcomb are seeing how fast their test subject can run. The test subject reaches a speed of 347 miles per hour and he evaporates into thin air. Ted is distraught at seeing the man disappear but Jason is only angry as his experiment was a failure. A few days later Ted tries to convince Jason to stop the experiments before they loose anyone else. Jason will not give his work up; he didn’t care about the test subject as it was a clone. He is determined to try again but with a test subject who can withstand high speeds, he decides that they need The Flash.

Tina is testing Barry’s mental speed, physical speed and heart rate. She asks him to place a few hundred books on to some shelves and put them in alphabetical order by author. Barry does it but he is 20% slower than last time, his heart rate is faster than normal and he made three mental errors (his first errors ever). Tina is worried that Barry is pushing himself too hard by responding to every little emergency that the police can deal with and she feels that he will burn himself out one day very soon. Barry dismisses the notion that he is working too hard. Before Tina can finish explaining the damage Barry is doing to his body he hears a police alert (thanks to an ear piece he is wearing) about a bomb warning at the Central City railway station and he runs off.

At the station The Flash searches everywhere but he finds no sign of any bomb. A small toy robot appears and rolls over to The Flash, he goes to touch it but the robot cuts him with a hidden blade and his hand starts to bleed badly. He picks the robot up and runs back to Tina. We see a small pool of his blood on the station floor; Dr Jason Brassell walks over and takes a sample of The Flash’s blood.

Jason puts the blood sample into a chamber and within a few minutes the blood is now a baby, a few minutes more a small child and just over an hour later a fully grown clone of Barry Allen/The Flash walks out of the chamber.

Tina has treated Barry’s hand and she notices that it is healing slower than normal. She finally tells him that he is suffering from stress and eventually it was cost him more than his ability to heal fast.

Jason and Ted have been teaching the clone to read and Jason notes that the clone is learning at a hundred times the speed of the previous clones. Ted is concerned that the clone has the mind of a child in the body of a powerful adult and it has no morality and no sense of right or wrong. Jason yet again doesn’t care about the ethical side of things as all he can see are dollars signs. Jason wants to create another thousand clones of The Flash and sell them to the highest bidder. Jason names the clone Pollux after a twin in Roman mythology. He asks Pollux to stack some blocks as fast as he can. Pollux struggles to do so and every time the blocks fall over he gets more and more frustrated. He starts to throw the blocks around Jason’s lab and he breaks a few windows. Calmly Ted walks over to Pollux and he asks him nicely to try and stack the blocks again. This time Pollux does it in seconds. Jason notices that Pollux skin is burning up from moving at high speed, so he decides to build him a protective suit.

Julio is try to calm a very annoyed Lt Garfield as it seems Barry has sent the wrong case files to an archive facility 20 miles away (due to stress). Garfield tears into Barry when he arrives but Barry hits back and if it were not for Julio and Tina Barry would have been looking at a very long suspension. Tina takes Barry for a walk.

Jason has made Pollux a blue version of The Flash’s costume with the logo of the lab instead of a lighting bolt. As Jason and Ted are discussing what to do with their creation Pollux escapes the lab. He finds a playground and starts to play on a roundabout. He is going so fast he causes a series of high winds which cause chaos on the Central City streets. Barry and Tina see the aforementioned chaos and Barry tries to stop the roundabout but he is knocked off. Pollux sees Tina and tries to play with her but she tells him no. Jason and Ted find Pollux but he refuses to go back to the lab with them. Jason shoots him in the back with a tranquilliser dart and he collapses.

Ted tries to convince Jason to destroy Pollux as he is too dangerous. Jason says no and is determined to make more versions of him. Pollux wants to know who he is, where is he from and who his parents are. Jason tells Pollux that he is nothing but an experiment. Pollux is about to leave the lab but before Ted can shoot him with another dart Pollux swings him round and throws him into some shelves killing Ted instantly. Shocked by this Pollux runs away from the lab.

Thanks to the logo on Pollux’s suit Tina locates the lab he came from and Barry goes to pay it a visit. Pollux is wondering the streets and steals some fancy clothes from a shop. Later he finds a newspaper with Tina’s picture on it. He seems infatuated with her and decides to get her flowers. Barry reaches the lab and finds Jason who is packing up his equipment. Jason is shocked as he thinks its Pollux at first but he quickly realises that the man standing in front of him is The Flash. Barry asks him a few questions but gets no real answer to any of them. Barry finds a bin with shredded files, he takes them home, puts them all back together again and starts to read the files.

Pollux turns up at S.T.A.R Labs with a lot of flowers for Tina. She quickly calls Barry to meet them. Barry has read all the files and knows everything about Pollux and all the failed experiments. Pollux sees Barry and realises that he came from Barry’s DNA. Barry shows him his police badge which Pollux takes along with Barry’s keys and wallet after he smashes a vase on Barry’s head. Pollux tells Tina that he is now Barry Allen.

At the station Pollux runs into Lt Garfield and immediately has an argument with him. Julio tells him to chill out and get some rest at home. Pollux goes to Barry’s apartment and looks though his photo album. A few hours later Barry and Tina arrive there but Pollux is gone, they deduce that he is going to his old lab to see Jason.

Pollux finds Jason who is trying to leave the lab for good. Jason tries to shoot Pollux (this time with a real gun) but Pollux catches the bullet and throws it back at high speed right into Jason’s heart. The Flash and Tina arrive and ask Pollux to come with them but Pollux refuses and starts to fight with The Flash. The fight is even until Jason with his last breath shoots his gun at The Flash in that moment Pollux jumps in front of the bullet and saves The Flash’s life. The Flash holds Pollux in his arms as he sees the clone fade away into nothingness, the only thing left is the suit. Tina believes that due to Pollux’s metabolic level accelerating so fast he literally burned himself out. Barry takes this as a sign and decides to take things a bit easier so he can de-stress and not burn out himself.

This is probably John Wesley Shipp’s best performance in The Flash. He played Pollux with such innocence and misplaced anger when the role demanded it. The emotion he conveyed as The Flash when he held the dying Pollux in his arms must also receive high praise.