The Flash #755 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Rafa Sandoval

The Flash Age – Finale

So here we are, the final face off between Barry, Eobard, August and the evidently unstoppable Paradox, after last issue with Reverse Flash telling Barry the only way to defeat Paradox was to kill him before he became the monster in front of them we find out how the Flash deals with that predicament, cos Barry can’t save everyone, can he?

This issue was a very suitable finale, lots of splash pages, big action panels and twists and turns throughout! I’ve loved this story arc its really put Barry in awkward position having to rely on Eobard and trusting August while giving him a seemingly impossible decision. the artwork in this issue has been sublime, I like how different artists have worked together to make this whole arc feel cohesive and when its put together in a graphic novel it will be flawless.

So I would love to talk about what comes next but that would be massive spoilers for the end of the issue, so all I’ll say is, yes I am in for the next story, I’m looking forward to what and who’s coming!

One thing I have decided is that I’m going to change how I review comics, it can be quite difficult to talk about whats going on in each issue without spoilers, so I’m going to start reviewing comics by arc rather than issue, it will mean these reviews aren’t as frequent but they will be more complete reviews of a whole story which I think will give a better overview, it will also give me more time to review more titles……