Stargirl – S1 Ep6 – The Justice Society Review

The New J.S.A. faces their first test as a team when the I.S.A. puts the next phase of their plan into motion!

This episode appropriately titled “The Justice Society” is quite honestly my favorite of the series so far. Courtney and crew face their first challenge (which spoiler alert does not go well) as a team in this exciting new episode that also introduces (officially) two more I.S.A. members. Let’s recap!

“The Justice Society” opens at football practice where star quarterback Artemis Crock (guest star Stella Smith) gets into an altercation with a fellow player. The coach benches her thus angering her and her parents (“Crusher” Crock and Paula Brooks). Later that night, they secretly confront the coach as he prepares to go home for the evening. After a brief conversation, “Crusher” brutally kills the man with his bat.

Meanwhile, Courtney returns from scouting to find Pat in her room with the JSA costumes. He is disappointed that she started recruiting behind his back. Feeling guilty, Courtney reveals that she has chosen a new Hourman (Rick), Dr. Mid-Nite (Beth), and Wildcat (Yolanda). Pat demands that she gather the items and return them to him and stop this. He warns her that if they continue, her friends could end up like the late Joey Zarick.

Early the next morning, Jordan awakens to a text message from Principal Bowin aka The Fiddler informing him that “the gym rats” are at it again. He goes to confront Crock and Brooks, who are burying the dead body of the coach. The duo are growing impatient and want back in the “game.” Mahkent warns them not to push him. He then gives them a real assignment and tells them to get their suits out of storage.

Elsewhere, Mike prepares for his school’s science fair by putting last minute touches on his Chocolate Volcano. Barbara is the only one who seems interested in his project.

At school, Courtney, who feels guilty about disobeying Pat, decides to ask Yolanda for Wildcat’s suit back. However, she is unable to bring herself to do so upon seeing how much Ted Grant’s fitting spirit and legacy means to Yolanda. Similarly, she tries to get Dr. Mid-Nite’s goggles back from Beth, but sees that “Chuck” has made her feel less alone.

Elsewhere, Pat finds Rick walking and invites him back to the garage. Once there, they discuss Hourman and the danger involved in using the power. Pat believes that Rick is not ready for the responsibility of wielding his father’s hourglass. Rex limited the usage of the power to one hour in order to curb the addiction to it. Pat does, however, ask the young man for help decoding Rex’s journal. Rick agrees but demands that he keep it along with the hourglass despite Pat’s request otherwise. He also questions what Pat is good for considering it took him this long to find out what happened to Rex and more.

Back at school, Courtney tells Yolanda and Beth (at lunch) that Pat found out about their heroics and demands that she retrieve the JSA artifacts. Both Yolanda and Beth refuse to give up their newfound superhero identities and storm off.

While the football team meets their new coach, Sharpe (aka the Gambler) meets with Crock and Brooks in the stands to give them their assignment. The trio has been tasked with retrieving the access codes from Empire Enterprises, a communication company, in order to use the satellite they recently acquired.

Meanwhile, Mike is alone at his school’s science fair until Barbara joins him much to his surprise. The two begin to bond.

Speaking of bonding, at the local diner, Jordan and his son Cameron share a piece of cake to commemorate Christine. Cameron seems to exhibit some slight icy powers while blowing out the candle.

Later, Courtney catches up with her friends. She suggests that they all should talk to Pat and maybe they can keep the stuff. Rick shows up and asks Courtney what she would do if Pat asked for the staff back leaving her stunned. Rick reveals to them that his father’s journal may contain information about the ISA and must be decoded. Beth attempts to use “Chuck,” but “he” is unable to decipher it. “Chuck” then picks up the signal of his old nemesis The Gambler, who is currently hacking Empire Enterprises. Rick, Yolanda, and Beth prepare to leave to confront him despite Courtney’s reservations. She reluctantly agrees to tag along.

Back at home, Pat arrives to find Mike and Barbara eating the science project. They tell him that Courtney is out with her friends.

At Empire Enterprises, the new (and suited up) JSA prepare to take down the Gambler. Rick recklessly attempts to bust the door down before Courtney warns him to exercise caution. Beth then decides to use “Chuck” to simply unlock the door. Once inside, they discover the dead body of the security guard which leaves the team stunned. Things go from bad to worse when instead of the Gambler (who is hacking from his home), they come face to face with ISA baddies Sportsmaster and Tigress (aka Crock and Brooks). A brutal battle ensues. The new JSA, who are vastly outmatched, receive backup from S.T.R.I.P.E., but ultimately fail to stop the ISA from gaining the codes. The ISA duo escapes leaving the new JSA beaten.

Back at the garage, Rick, Yolanda, and Beth marvel at S.T.R.I.P.E. which causes them to change their tune about Pat. Upstairs, Courtney complains about her team’s lack of listening skills and failure to follow instructions. She quickly realizes that her frustration is shared by Pat, who feels this way concerning her. The two decide together to train and continue to work together as the new JSA.

Elsewhere, the ISA meets to discuss this new Justice Society. Sharpe is pleased that they now have the access codes and the tech Dr. Ito requested. However, Crock is unhappy that Bowin has yet to use her magic to awaken Brainwave. Jordan assures them that everything will work out fine. They must find out who this new JSA is and defeat them if Project New America is to succeed.

The new Justice Society is here to stay! They have some work to do in terms of learning to work together though! This episode is honestly my favorite of the bunch so far. DC’s Stargirl does an incredible job of balancing drama, comedy, and action which is put on full display in this episode. The action was simply thrilling with the stakes raised even higher than the previous scraps. I really enjoyed seeing the team in action although they were a bit disjointed. Sportsmaster and Tigress proved to not only be formidable villains, they also provided some dark comedy. Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski are simply brilliant as the tightly wound, overachieving “gym rat” parents. I also really enjoyed the new JSA dynamic and look forward to seeing their training under Pat.

I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here!

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