The Flash #753 Review

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artists: Brandon Peterson, Howard Porter

The Flash Age – Part 4

This issue is all about Reverse Flash! As a Flash villain Eobard Thawne is one of my favourites and we get lots of him in part 4 of The Flash Age, the fight to take down Paradox is on and Barry Allen needs Eobards help to defeat him, the only issue is where or indeed when to find him!

I loved this issue we get a big progression in the story with what Paradox is doing but also some classic Flash storytelling revisiting elements from Barry’s past that remind you just how important Reverse Flash is not only to the Scarlet Speedster but the entire Multiverse.

The artwork in this issue is stella, the first splash page we have is this beautiful shot of Reverse Flash and it is just sublime, it doesn’t stop there, all the way through each panel is awesome and it really helps draw you in to the story more.

I’m loving this story and I’m looking forward to where the next issue takes us, more Reverse Flash please!!