Batman: TAS – S1 – See No Evil Review

This is one of the few episodes where Batman didn’t see the bad guy coming.

Little Kimmie is sleeping in her bed when she is awoken by her invisible “imaginary friend” Mojo. He gives her a locket (which is quite impressive for an imaginary friend). He promises to get her a necklace on his next visit but Kimmie tells him that she and her mother, Helen are moving away very soon, this upsets Mojo and he leaves.

The next day a man, Lloyd Ventrix enters a jewellery expo and goes straight to the toilet. He puts on a grey costume which covers his entire body, he turns a dial and disappears, and even his briefcase vanishes. The now invisible man returns to the expo and starts stealing everything, he takes a watch out of Millionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne’s hand (Bruce was going to buy that watch too). Bruce runs into the same toilet and puts on a costume of his own. Suddenly three security guards are pushed over and our invisible friend enters a part of the building that is under construction. Batman follows the path of chaos is almost decapitated by a trowel. Batman notices footprints in wet cement and throws paint over the cement. He sees the shape of Ventrix and his briefcase. Before Batman can apprehend him Ventrix turns the dial on his costume and it heats up evaporating the paint. Batman dives towards him but he ends up covered in the cement. Ventrix then proceeds to beat Batman up and leaves him lying in the wet cement.

Ventrix returns to his apartment where we see a picture of his daughter Kimmie and he tells the picture that he won’t let Helen take Kimmie away from him. After Helen drops Kimmie off to school we see that Ventrix is following her. A few hours later Helen goes to lunch and Ventrix starts to pester her and claims that he has made parole, he can provide for Kimmie and be a good father. Helen tells him to stay away from them both and she wants him to just disappear. He says she should be careful what she wishes for.

Bruce visits a Wayne Tech research lab and asks the scientists if Wayne Tech is responsible for inventing the invisibility suit, they assure him that it is not. They do mention that an inventor named Karos who wanted them to go into business with them so he could develop a plastic which he called The Cloak of Invisibility. Wayne Tech was interested but Karos pulled out of the deal at the last minute. They inform Bruce that Karos has since died but his assistant Giddell was trying to carry on his research.

That night Batman pays Karos’ old lab a visit. He finds Giddell and asks if he was the invisible man, Giddell says he is not and the lab security can give him an alibi. Giddell shows Batman some of the invisibility plastic and explains that after a while the plastic turns toxic. Batman asks if anyone had access to the plastic, the only person Giddell could think of was an assistant, an ex con named Ventrix.

Batman tracks down Helen and asks for her help in locating Ventrix. Batman informs Helen that the toxicity in the plastic could damage his mind and body. Helen goes to Kimmie’s room but Kimmie is gone and her window was left open. Helen figures out that Mojo was real and he or should I say Ventrix has kidnapped Kimmie.

In an abandoned drive-in Cinema Ventrix unmasks and tells Kimmie who he really is but Kimmie wants to get away from him as her mother has told her to stay away from him. Ventrix is having none of it and demands she goes with him; thankfully he is interrupted by Batman. While Kimmie runs off to find her mother Ventrix gets in his car which he then turns invisible. Batman does his best is avoid a car that he cannot see and he somehow manages to jump on its roof. As the invisible car speeds through the streets a couple of guys see Batman wiz past as if he was flying. As the car drives through some garbage cans the front of the car becomes visible. Ventrix drives on to train tracks and aims the car at an oncoming locomotive. Ventrix jumps out and Batman uses his grapple to swing away just in time. Ventrix finds Batman and starts to beat him up. Batman warns Ventrix about the suit but he won’t listen. Batman throws some ninja stars at a water tower and as the water pours out we see Ventrix slowly appear. Batman punches and kicks him until he goes down. Batman unmasks him and tells him that he will be pulling another disappearing act that will last between 10 to 20 years.

Kimmie is talking to a new friend and tells them that she and her mother are moving so when her dad gets out of jail he won’t be able to find them. Helen bursts in asking who Kimmie was talking to, Batman she answers and Helen is relived as she thinks Batman is Kimmie’s new imaginary friend. Outside we see Batman standing on the roof of the house.

This was a good episode but it wasn’t particularly exciting but I think that will change in the next one.