The Flash – S6 Ep19 – Success is Assured Review

We all know that season 6 had to be cut short due to what’s going on in the world right now and as chance would have it ‘Success is Assured’ gave us a finalé worthy, end of season cliffhanger.

This season has been a little different and there have been groans that there hasn’t been enough Flash on The Flash. I actually think this has worked well for two reasons. Firstly it’s given us the chance to see other characters like Ralph shine. This episode really showed off what important places he and the others have within the team and that even without Barry’s guidance, they can come together and make it work. Secondly, Barry’s biggest strength is his heart and we’ve seen once again that even with barely any speed left, he can still lead and motivate a team, whilst using other ways to bring down the bad guy. In the wake of Oliver Queen’s death and the loss of Arrow from the ‘Arrowverse’, Barry Allen has proven he is more than capable of filling those shoes. Oh and also, Iris has been fantastic the whole way through!

This episode is practically a race against time. Trying to figure out where Eva has gone and then trying to protect Carver from her gives the team quite a lot to do. Cisco is still off trying to find the last piece of his puzzle and Killer Frost runs some tests with Caitlin’s Mum before she’s taken off to get better. There is more development between Ralph and Sue and even though she’s been safely returned to her parents, it’s very clear that there is still so much more mystery to Sue. There was also some reprise for Nash (who was the true superstar this week) as Allegra finally appears to give him a break.

Iris is still hell bent on finding Chief Singh but it’s starting to look like she’s been left in the mirrorverse too long as she could be beginning to follow the same fate Eva did. It worries Barry even more when Carver tells him that people change behind the mirror and it’s not compatible with the human brain. Eva has been a great villain and I’ve enjoyed the whole mirrorverse storyline throughout this season. I am assuming this would have been wrapped up by the proper last episode and hearing that the big cliffhanger would have revolves around Reverse Flash means that the mirrorverse will surely return for season 7. Well I hope so otherwise that cliffhanger will have a much longer lasting affect than I would like!