Supergirl – S5 Ep18 – The Missing Link Review

Things are coming together in this penultimate episode of the season as Supergirl and friends gear up for all out war with Leviathan!

While this was not initially meant to be a finale set up episode, “The Missing Link” does a great job of elevating the tension and raising the stakes for our heroes. This exciting episode showcases fun action, compelling drama, and stellar performances. Let’s recap!

An angry Brainy determines that Lex was behind the Sun Eater attack which endangered the lives of his friends. Lex assures him that it is all a part of the greater plan to take down Leviathan which involves playing dirty. While the Coluan is understandably concerned, Luthor urges him to trust him and the process.

Lex puts the next part of his plan into which involves delivering a weapon (which was stolen from Leviathan years ago) to Gemma (guest star Cara Buono) in order to receive an invitation to Leviathan’s ship. The Leviathan leader is pleased and meets with a shackled Rama Khan (guest star Mitch Pileggi), who shames her human guise and approach. She assures him that humanity has been lulled into a false sense of safety and now is the time to strike. She gives him the Super killing weapon and lets him loose to retrieve the necessary elements to prepare it.

Meanwhile, Team Super Friends struggle to locate Leviathan. They are convinced that Lex is working with them and vow to bring them down. However, without the DEO’s resources, they turn to other means. Dreamer uses her abilities to try to locate the Leviathan HQ, while Alex turns to Kelly’s war buddy Pete Andrews (guest star Sean Astin), an expert in iconography, for more information on the organization. With his help, they are able to trace the Leviathan symbol throughout history as a precursor to catastrophe. However, they are unable to dig deeper than that as Andrews’ is shut out of the special collections room at the Library of Congress at their mere mention of Leviathan to his higher ups. When they try to break in, they are attacked by an armed assassin. This encounter forces Andrews and his family to go off the grid for protection. Before leaving, Pete encourages Alex to learn to let go of her soldier life and move on.

Elsewhere, Kelly and William team up to investigate a mystery employee at Obsidian believed to be connected to the late Margot. They quickly discover that their employee #873 is none other than Eve Teschmacher, which immediately puts Kelly on alert. They bring this information to Andrea, who quickly dismisses their concerns. She also threatens to fire them both if they bring it up to her again. Nothing can interfere with her newest project: Worldwide Unity Festival. William, of course, doesn’t leave it alone and ends up getting kidnapped while following Eve in a dark alley.

Back at The Tower, Nia has a vision of the Leviathan HQ where Brainy sits playing cards and laughing wildly. After expelling him from her vision, she zeros in on the picture of Rama Khan which leads her to finding his location: the Oregon Geological Center in Portland. The Super Friends jump into action and quickly subdue Khan. Brainy and the DEO arrive and take Khan away for questioning. Kara and Nia are frustrated at this new, distant Brainy as well as being pushed away. The duo watch on as Brainy questions Khan in the man’s own language. They grow more concerned when they hear Brainy say Luthor. In actuality, Brainy reveals to Khan that he knows what’s up as he has been partnering with Lex just as Leviathan has been. With everything out in the open, Brainy hopes that Khan will allow them access to the ship in exchange for his freedom. However, Rama Khan chides him saying: “Why would I want to leave when I worked so hard to get in?” As he says this, Khan effortlessly escapes his shackles and goes on a rampage through the DEO gathering Kryptonite in the process. Despite a valiant effort by the Super Friends, Khan ultimately destroys the DEO building completely forcing them to retreat.

In the aftermath, Nia confronts Brainy and is once again shut out from the truth. At her wits end, she cuts him out of her life for good. Brainy is left broken.

While Kara and crew faced Rama Khan, Lex and Lena investigate an Non Nocere related issue at Stryker’s Prison and link up with Steve Lomelli (guest star Willie Garson). An inmate reverted back to violent tendencies during the Sun Eater attack and has now caused a domino effect throughout the prison population. This leads to the Luthors fighting off a mob. Much to her dismay, all attempts to fix the glitch fail. She then destroys Non Nocere out of frustration. The crafty Lex then makes his long awaited pitch: humanity can’t be fixed. It must be controlled. It needs a firm hand to lead it. His. Lena quickly realizes that her brother has played her once again. Lex unleashes his rage saying that he supported her project in order for her to ultimately see the wickedness of humanity and see things his way. Lena stands up to him calling him a monster. She declares she does not have to be one as well. Upon her departure, Lex gets a call from Gemma, who accepts his request to join them at their HQ/ship. He then has the prison destroyed, grabs a visibly shook Brainy and prepares to initiate the next phase of his plan.

The episode concludes with Kara and team at a complete loss. However, a tearful Lena arrives at Kara’s begging to help them take down Lex and Leviathan. She apologizes for her past actions saying she was in fact a villain and is not expecting to be forgiven. Kara then offers her a seat.

“The Missing Link” was in my opinion, one of stronger episodes of this season. It felt like a penultimate episode which is a credit to the writers. I hope that next week’s episode will be a satisfying finale despite it not originally being one. This episode once again featured several incredible performances namely from Melissa Benoist, Katie McGrath, and Jon Cryer. McGrath certainly can deliver a tearful apology quite well. Her chemistry with Benoist is stellar. In addition, Jon Cryer continues to impress me as Lex Luthor. His outburst in this episode was frightening and visceral. His version is quickly becoming one of the best depictions of this character.

This was yet another strong episode of the series! Looking forward to next week’s season finale! Hard to believe the season is almost over already!

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