Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep11 – Ship Broken Review

So the last episode saw the team successfully obtain all three pieces of the loom. The next step is to use the loom but who do they bring back first – Behrad or Astra’s mother. After some arguments Charlie makes the call and its Behrad. Charlie can see the tangled web that is Behrad’s thread. All appears to be going well until Charlie loses control of the loom’s power and it explodes. Its clear that the loom is a three fates job and despite Charlie’s views on her sisiters she cannot operate the loom without them.

Meanwhile Mick is trying to win over Lita by offering a trip on a time machine, Gary has bought an emotional support dog – Gary Jnr and Sara finally awakes. All appears well except for the fact that Sara can’t see. Sara isn’t herself though.When she touches someone she sees the future and she is seeing the team dead. It appears that there is an evil force on the ship and Sara believes its the after effects of being attacked by Atropos. Gideon is unable to check Sara’s condition due to some sabotage. When the loom rings go missing the team immediately point the finger at Astra as the outsider who is yet to earn the teams trust. Constantine is adamant that it wasn’t Astra. So the team investigate and when Zari hacks the backup system they see each member of the team stealing the rings and sabotaging the ship. However the team have no memory of their actions.

Meanwhile Mick is trying to bond with Lita and is failing so leaves Lita in the library to study. Sara is back recouperating and after telling Ava to lock her up as she thinks she is the threat she comes face to face with Gary and Gary Jnr. Sara realises that the threat is from Gary Jnr. It turns out Gary adopted Gary Jnr from hell – only Gary would think a hell dog would be ok. The rest of the team realise this when Gary Jnr shows his true form and attacks them and they all end up trapped in the cyber cell with Astra.

Constantine who is seeking Gary Jnr spots the hell hound in his true form and realises that Sara is right. Sara sees Gary Jnr at the library with Lita and Mick. Constantine manages to distract Gary Jnr who then pursues them. It’s at this point that we see the most visually stunning stunt and effect of the episode. Sara may not be able to see but she can hear. Gary Jnr attacks and as he does so Sara backflips over a squatting Constantine and is able to kick Gary Jnr away. Astra has escaped the cell and gives Constantine the dog’s true name so he can be banished back to hell. Crisis over and Gary retrieves the rings ftom the sewer system. Gideon checks Sara over and there is nothing physicall wrong. So why can’t Sara see?

What an episode! Can Astra be trusted? She certainly has her own agenda and will manipulate anyone willing to talk to her. Will Sara’s sight return and can she use these new powers to her advantage? How can Charlie get the loom to work without her sisters? Is there another way? Gary clearly needs a chaperone as he can’t be left alone as trouble follows despite his good intentions. As to the script and visual effects – simply stunning work. I think I had to watch that clip back several times. While we are all at home it’s refreshing to see such scenes on our TVs. But what next for the team? It seems fate is waiting with their greatest challenge to date?