The Flash – S6 Ep18 – Pay the Piper Review

The team is fractured and on the verge of shattering and Barry goes to his old faithful, Joe for some sound advice and a good old boost. They are all at breaking point and the worst thing is that they have no idea if Iris and Kamila being trapped in the mirrorverse means they are dead in the real world.

With all that going on, perhaps the arrival of Godspeed is a welcome distraction? There again he’s trying to steal what’s left of Barry’s speed so probably not. This Godspeed’s use of sound waves leads Barry to team up with an old foe, Pied Piper. The shift caused by Crisis means that Barry has caused Pied Piper’s boyfriend some serious damage and that means he gets less than a friendly welcome. Andy Mientus is great and proved a nice little link back to the show’s past. Of course they manage to put their differences aside and with Barry using his speed and Pied Piper using his waves they made a great team and in return we got an even greater Ghosbusters reference from Nash and Cisco … THEY CROSSED STREAMS! I loved seeing Barry battle another speedster again and this story has been left open for more Godspeed goodness. Nash has spent this season being practically outcast from the team and this is the first time we haven’t really seen a version of Wells naturally integrate. In this episode though he kind of shows that he’s become the backbone and that person who pushes them and leads from the back and I really hope that Nash is the Wells we get in season 7.

Killer Frost is on the mend and is preparing to leave so she can get the help she needs from her Mum. Well, Caitlin’s Mum – and the fact that she has no relationship with her makes her anxious. Ralph does what Ralph does best and talks her round and makes her see how valued she is away from being Caitlin. She graduates life coach school with no less than a dib-ploma! I loved this!!! Where can I enrol?

In the mirrorverse, Iris finally finds Kamila but she’s hit a wall and can’t figure a way out. We haven’t seen Kamila since she was taken so it was good to see she’s ok, working away at mirror Star Labs. Finding Kamila seems to have given Iris some fighting spirit though and she decides they need to find Chief Singh. At the end of the episode Barry gives the remaining members of the team a pep talk which does wonders for their morale and Cisco has an idea which is going to take him to Atlantis!