The Flash – S6 Ep17 – Liberation Review

You’d think Barry would have become a broken man since Iris threw him out, but he’s used his investigative skills to come to the conclusion that she’s not the real Iris. Piecing together her recent behaviour and finding the photo that Kamila took of her, he believes that she’s from another dimension and now he just needs to convince everyone else.

The journey this takes throughout the episode is gripping and it is as sad as it is exciting. The reflections of Iris, Kamila and David team up so that Eva’s plan gets to crank up to its next level. This involves Bloodwork as they need his blood to create a pathway between both worlds. Sendhil is brilliant again and it’s clear being held captive this whole time hasn’t dampened his evil plans. Kamila makes a big sacrifice in order to get what they need. Unluckily for Barry, Eva is one step ahead the whole time which puts Iris at an advantage. She’s able to prevent him from proving that she’s not his real wife and their back and forth results in a great fight scene. It was so weird watching Grant and Candice in combat but it was such a great scene. Iris forms her arms into glass daggers and uses mirrors around the room to attack Barry. He doesn’t really stand a chance, especially as his speed is now on red.

During the episode we see Mirror Iris almost change her path a few times, which makes sense when we hear her tell Bloodwork she wants to live a real life. This makes it all so sad when she eventually meets her fate at the end, claiming to really feel real as she dies in Barry’s arms. This however allows Eva to walk through the mirror and that is not going to a good time for Barry. Behind the mirror, Iris discovers the truth surrounding her capture and what Eva is really up to. The sound effects in these scenes give the viewer insight into the pain Iris is experiencing in Eva’s secret lab. It was a nasty screeching sound, but worked so well.

As a sub plot we see Cisco and Ralph discover Caitlin in an ice coma due to battle wounds she’s gotten. As small as this was in the grand scheme of the whole episode it gave us a superb Frozen line from Ralph. If only the cold didn’t bother Caitlin either! We also see that Cisco has ALMOST perfected his speed machine. Let’s hope it won’t take him much longer because Barry really is going to need that very soon.