Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep9 – Zari, Not Zari Review

So after what feels like the longest of dry spells the Legends are back with a belter of an episode. The episode flash backs to London 1977 and four days after Charlie has joined the team. A killing spree at Charlie’s music venue hits the headlines.The team try to comfort Charlie but Charlie knows this is the work of her sister Atropos who is hot on her trail. Charlie told the team that in her former life she weaved the threads of life, while her one sister controlled how long people lived her other sister, Atropos killed – just killed everyone and enjoyed it.

Atropos discovered at the venue that Clotho is now known as Charlie. Atropos reports back to their other sister who is Astra’s confidant and coin maker and who knows exactly where Charlie is. All they would need to do is track John Constantine and he would lead them directly to the next piece of the loom and Charlie.

Back on the Waverider Zari has sleep walked into Nate’s bed and Zari is being haunted by the other Zari. Zari confides in Behrad who suggests that undertake a totem quest to find out what’s going on. Zari comes face to face with the other Zari and they have a chat which brings Zari 2.0 up to speed. Mick is trying and failing in his attempts to get to know his daughter and Ava offers to help by ensuring Mick is there for all the key moments. In the end a simple sorry appears to be the answer.

Meanwhile Constantine regardless of Charlie’s apprehension goes in search of the next piece of the loom. This search takes Constantine to British Columbia where Supernatural happens to be filiming. It isn’t long before Sara and Charlie realise where he has gone and follow in pursuit. However Atropos isn’t far behind and within no time she has caught up with them after destroying the jump ship. Constantine uses his magic to hold her back so Charlie and Sara can make their escape. All appears well as Constantine rejoins them much to Charlie’s surprise. However all isn’t as it appears as Atropos has left Constantine injured and has assumed his form so Charlie will lead her to the next piece of the loom. Charlie finds the next ring and it is at this moment that Atropos shows herself and pins Charlie against the tree. Sara steps forward and is repelled backwards when Atropos shows her true form. No ones survives this revelation so Charlie knows Sara is lost.

However Charlie is about to be attacked when Sara steps into save the day. Somehow Sara has survived but how and why has this happened? Ava and Nate have arrived after Gideon confirmed that comms with the jump ship had been lost. They found a bloody but alive Constantine. They go in search of Sara and Charlie but Atropos has found her way aboard the Waverider and is looking for the first piece of the loom. Behrad informs the team and tries to get Zari to wake up and get away but its too late Atropos is there. She takes the ring and in Behrad’s attempt to stop her minus his totem which is with Zari she pulls the thread of his life from his body and cuts his life short just as Charlie and Sara arrive. A devestating moment as Zari 2.0 had just assured the other Zari that the family were safe and well. A fight for their lives follows as the waverider takes off. Atropos cannot believe Sara is alive and they fight. It looks like Sara has met her fate again when she orders the doors to open and they are both pulled towards the door. Atropos is holding onto Sara’s leg. Charlie arrives just in time and Charlie cuts off her sister’s hand – thereby keeping the two pieces of the loom and saving Sara.

After all of this Zari wakes to find Behrad is gone with Nate and Ava having to break the news. Zari resolves that she with Constantine will find all of the loom so Behrad can be saved.

A packed episode which has set up the remainder of the season. Atropos is a god and has shown herself a worthy opponent. How will they beat Charlie’s sisters when they are immortal and have significant powers? The team have lost Behrad which was wholly unexpected and which is a shame as I was just warming to the character. Zari is inexperienced in using the family totem and Charlie is mortal which Atropos has discovered. The odds seems stacked against them but Sara survived seeing Atropos in her true form – why and how? Does this mean she has some sort of superpower and what is it and how can they use this to their advantage? They still have the two loom pieces and Charlie knows the location of the others. Can they turn the odds in their favour? The loom is already starting to affect the team as each are starting to have their own agenda – Zari want to use the loom to save Behrad while Constantine wants to save Astra. How long will it be before the differing agendas bring the team to conflict. Time will tell but their fate seems to be sealed. Lets hope the team can spin their strengths to their advantage On a personal note I’m so glad this series is back – can all use some escapism right now.