The Flash – S6 Ep16 – So Long and Goodnight Review

It’s been a month since we last visited Central City and The Flash returns with an episode which pushes the story even further forward and does what it does best in giving us twists, turns and plenty of heart.

Joe finds himself centre of attention as Joseph Carver turns up the heat and tasks Rag Doll with destroying him. It was a real treat to see Troy James back as Rag Doll, who I would say is probably my favourite Flash mini villain to date. He adds an element of horror to the episode which I love. He’s Jigsaw without the tricycle. Joe escapes death and becomes a tad pig headed and ignores Barry’s advice as well as Chief David’s suggestion of going into witness protection. He manages to get a confession from Joseph but does the age old trick of showing his hand too quickly and the evidence is promptly destroyed. Eventually Rag Doll uses Cecile as leverage and Joe asks for David’s help in disappearing.

Ralph has continued to track Sue’s criminal activity and asks Cisco for help in catching her in another fun little 007-esque sub plot. Carlos Valdes once again stole the show for me. His one liners and quick wit are second to none. There’s a nice development between Ralph and Sue as he begins to understand her actions and starts to see another side to her. There’s definitely a heart hiding behind all that hijinks.

At this point, Barry’s speed is becoming a real issue and the watch he’s using is a constant reminder of the limited power he has remaining. Mirror Iris is tasked with getting him to use it all up and she does a good job in using emotional blackmail to do so. She uses every opportunity to entice him to use his speed and throws Barry out of their home for not taking her to find Joe. Poor guy! Maybe another chorus of ‘Running Home To You’ would do the trick? Or probably not as his actual wife is still trapped inside the mirror and however close she is beginning to come in finding the way out, Eva seems hell bent on keeping her there. I continue to throw praise at Candice for how brilliant she’s been all season.

There’s a twist towards the end of the episode which I saw coming but hoped wouldn’t. There is also a great stand off between Eva and Joseph after he’s delivered a mirror. As strong and cocky as he likes to appear, there is definitely something about Eva which scares him. She may be trapped, but I’d say she’s got the upper hand!