Smallville – S1 Ep21 – Tempest Review

We have reached the first season finale of Smallville and it doesn’t disappoint. As a storm is fast approaching we begin at the Luthorcorp plant that Lex took charge of in the first episode. Lionel arrives via helicopter to inform Lex and their workers that the plant is being closed due to Lex’s mismanagement, then tells Lex he can come back to work side by side with him in Metropolis. Meanwhile at Smallville high the gang are excitedly preparing for the Spring Formal, the news of the Luthorcorp plant closure is spreading as it affects a lot of the town’s work force, including Chloe’ father.

Lex is eager to break away from always being in Lionel’s shadow and tries to engineer a buy out of the plant with a group of employees. Lionel however has pre-empted this move from his son and buys the bank where Lex’s employees take out their loans, effectively taking back power himself. Also playing dirty is Roger Nixon, the reporter who has been working for Lex and gathering evidence that Clark has powers. He sets up the Kent’s truck to explode when the ignition is turned on and films Clark’s miraculous escape. He then goes to Clark to threaten to expose him unless he tells his story, of course Clark denies he has any abilities and tells his parents of the encounter. Unfortunately Roger is outside listening to the conversation where Clark also divulges that he thinks Lex is in possession of the octagonal disc discovered in the field where his ship crashed.

The goodbyes begin when Whitney tells Lana he is joining the Marines and leaving before the dance, but before he goes he has a big ask for Lana – that she waits for him while he is away. We also have a final scene with Clark and Lex, the calm before the literal and metaphorical storm as it were. They remain best friends as Clark continues to stand by Lex during his fathers hostile take over and Lex has told Roger that Clark and his family are under his protection. In a poignant moment our two main characters agree that any relationship based on lies and deceit is destined to fail, like so many of them in the show eventually will.

Clark makes Chloe very happy as he keeps his promise to take her to the dance. They meet up with Lana and Whitney who are on the way to bus station as Whitney leaves for the Marines. Whitney has a final ask of Clark also, that he watches over Lana. Clark agrees, putting aside their differences and jealousy the two have had as they part on good terms. Then, in a sad moment Whitney tells Lana he has loved her since the moment he first saw her, Lana however is unable to say the same as she lets him leave without her promise that she will wait for him.

As the tornado is heading to hit Smallville, Roger discovers the Kent’s storm cellar just as Jonathan and Martha are running to it for cover. He has also stolen the disc from Lex’s desk and places it in the space ship. Jonathan’s protective instincts kick in once again, along with his anger as he runs after Nixon during the storm, leaving Martha in the cellar just as Clark’s ship begins to light up. At the Luthor mansion tensions finally boil over between Lex and Lionel as they argue about the missing disc. The tornado sends a tree flying through the window, knocking Lex across the room and trapping Lionel under a pillar. Lionel is left begging Lex for help as Lex only watches on, will he save his father or is this the moment his decent to evil begins? At the dance Clark hears of the tornado and abandons Chloe to find Lana, he races to help her and finds her just as the tornado begins to sweep her away in her car. We end on a super cliff hanger as Clark speeds into the tornado to save Lana… to be continued.

Thank you to Earth 9 for welcoming me to their team. Stay tuned for my reviews of season two but until then, ‘always hold onto Smallville’.