Batman: TAS – S1 – The Cat and the Claw Part 2 Review

Bat meets Cat, a global terrorist wants to steal a plague, Bat and Cat must stop her.

Batman meets with the mob boss he threatened in part one. He gives Batman some information on Red Claw’s next move, a train heist in Gotham. Batman and Gordon deduce that it is a military train so Gordon tries to find what he can about its cargo. (It’s a plague Jim; didn’t you watch the first episode?).

Later that night on the train a few soldiers are guarding the important cargo and one of them wonders why they need to guard it as no one would want to steal a plague. Little does he know they are about to get a not so friendly visit from Red Claw and her men. They easily take out the soldiers and Red Claw claims her prize but before they can get away Batman swoops down onto the train from his Batglider. Batman is surprised to see that Red Claw is a woman; Claw asks if he has a problem with that? Batman says that he is an equal opportunity crime fighter. Red Claw warns Batman not to come any closer or she will release the plague and it will kill everyone within a 10 mile radius. Batman has no choice and let’s her escape.

Before he meets Selina for their date Bruce using his Batman voice calls Gordon. Gordon tells him that Red Claw demands $1 billion in gold bullion or she will release the plague. Bruce picks Selina up in his car (no not that one). As they chat another car starts ramming into theirs. Bruce leads them to a bridge and plays a game of chicken with them. Bruce holds his nerve as the bad guys swerve to avoid a head on collision and they end up in the river. Selina asks Bruce how he learned to drive like that, he tells her that he has been going to the Paris Grand Prix for years and he adds that one year he may enter it himself.

Bruce drops Selina off at her apartment. As soon as he leaves Selina changes into her Catwoman costume. She tells Maven she is going to investigate the site Multigon would not sell to her for her proposed mountain lion sanctuary. Bruce arrives at the Batcave he gives Alfred his coat. Alfred finds a hair on it which he believes is Selina’s. Bruce has a closer look and finds out that it is a cat hair (I think Bruce is finally putting 2 and 2 together).

Back at Selina’s apartment Maven is trying to relax with a drink but one of Claw’s men tries to attack her. Batman shows up and hangs the goon out of the window. Maven tells Batman where Catwoman has gone and she also tells him that Catwoman loves him.

At the Multigon site Catwoman incapacitates a guard as a mountain lion looks on. She finds a vent which leads into an underground bunker and The Red Claw’s base of operation. She starts to take pictures of the bunker but is interrupted by two goons with guns. Batman sneaks up behind them and bangs their heads together. As they try to escape Red Claw traps them and her men tie them up. Before she departs she places the canister with the plague next to them, she drops a tiny bit of acid on the canister so once it eats through the metal exterior the plague will be released. When they are alone Catwoman cuts the rope with her claws. Batman tells her to escape the bunker and he will join her shortly. Batman finds a tanker full of flammable liquid and starts to spray it everywhere. In a badass move Batman throws a grenade onto the liquid and as it explodes the liquid catches fire and destroys the bunker and the plague.

Outside the police arrive to stop Red Claw getting away in a helicopter. A very angry Red Claw tries to kill Catwoman but a mountain lion attacks her and pins her down. Catwoman thanks her feline friend and disappears before the police find her too. Batman gives Gordon the good news regarding the plague and tells Gordon he has one more thing to do.

Catwoman makes it back to her apartment where Batman is waiting for her. She walks over to him but he handcuffs her as she is a wanted criminal. You can see that it is one of the hardest things he has ever had to do as he loved her too. Even love cannot corrupt Batman’s quest for justice.

Quick note The Red Claw was wonderfully played by Captain Kathryn Janeway herself Kate Mulgrew.