The Flash #752 Review

The Flash Age – Part 3

So this issue of the Flash is very different from the last, we go from a full on battle to a very Barry Allen focused issue, with Barry trying to figure out where he is and more importantly how to get back to Central City, Iris and more importantly Paradox!

One thing Flash comics do the best is their character work, you really get drawn in and you care about them, you care how Barry is going to get out of this predicament. Even though we only really spend this issue with Flash every panel and every page you get the feeling of the larger story going on and I love it.

One thing we have to talk about in this issue is the armour that Barry has to create for himself, am I the only one getting movie version of Flash’s suit vibes?? I dont think it’s going to stay but I really like the nod.

As this story is very focused it’s hard to talk about it without spoiling the whole issue so I’ll just say, this was a great issue in a very different way from the last and I love how they can do that in comics keep changing things up so each issue feels like something new.

Unfortunately with the current situation going on we have no idea when the next issue of Flash will be available as along with physical releases being stopped DC have stopped digital released too, so that comic book stores will not suffer in the long run, I think this is a stand up move from DC and while I miss my comics I’m happy to wait so that after all this brick and mortar comic shops will still have a business to go back to. 🙂