The Flash #751 Review

The Flash Age – Part 2

This issue jumps straight into the action, following on from the end of #750 with Godspeed leading Barry to Paradox who then forces the two speedsters to fight! Meanwhile Iris is trying to find any info she can out about Paradox from Commander Cold in the Flash Museum, but all is not what it seems as August (Godspeed) turns on Paradox to team up with The Flash to try and take down Paradox, but even with their combined forces its not enough to take down the new big bad and both are dealt with fairly quickly with Barry caught in Paradox’s bean and waking up in a field with his mum?? Iris however discovers that they’re going to need help from the only person in time to ever defeat Paradox, Reverse-Flash!!…….

This issue was awesome, I love a full on battle in comics especially when it involves speedsters but also with Iris doing her thing at the same time, it’s everything I love about the Flash. The artwork is great, Christian Duce (Artist) really gets Barry and August and their looks are perfect, however my favourite thing is how Iris is drawn in this issue and the one panel where she’s screaming Barry is just amazing, giving us all the emotion you’d expect from Iris.

Overall #751 is a fun issue in this building story and really makes me want to read the next one, which is the sign of a great comic, so bring on The Flash Age Part 3!!