Smallville – S1 Ep19 – Crush Review

At the beginning of the episode we meet Justin played by Adam Brody, a comic book artist who was the victim of a hit and run and suffered an injury to his hands preventing him from being able to draw. Justin is currently residing in a rehabilitation clinic but his doctor tells him he will soon be going home to Smallville. He has a certain animosity towards his doctor and it is apparent he blames him for not being able to fix his condition. We find out Justin has the ability to move objects with his mind and he uses this to take revenge, he cripples his doctors hands by shutting them in an elevator door after causing it to plummet to the ground.

It is career day back at Smallville High School and while Chloe is vying for a summer internship at the Daily Planet, Clark is uncertain of what his future holds. An air force recruiter tells him he sees Clark in a uniform flying, a nice nod to Clark’s future as Superman. Chloe is hurt when Clark forgets to book their place at a journalism conference in Metropolis and decides it is time she gave up on Clark realising her feelings for him run deeper than friendship. Justin returns and runs into Chloe in the hallway at the right time, he and Chloe had been friends before his accident and he expresses his gratitude that Chloe kept in touch while he was in the hospital. Unlike Clark, it seems Justin does have true feelings for Chloe and he even draws a beautiful portrait of her as a gift, albeit using his mind not his hands. While at The Torch he tells Chloe about his ability and the two share a kiss just as Clark walks in, he has some doubts about Justin after learning what happened to his doctor and tries to warn Chloe to be careful.

After seeing Justin and Chloe together Clark begins to question whether he does have romantic feelings for her. He asks Lex for some advice as Lex is aware of Clark’s feelings towards Lana as well. Clark tells him hasn’t made a move as he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with either of them, to which Lex replies that love is about taking a chance and if he is not willing to accept the risks then he will never win over either of them.

Justin takes revenge on someone else he blames for his condition and kills the driver of the car that hit him… Principle Kwan, or so he thinks. It turns out it was Principle Kwan’s son Danny who was driving the car and Kwan covered for him. When Clark tells Chloe she refuses to accept that Justin could be capable of committing murder and accuses Clark of trying to ruin her relationship with him. Chloe does have her doubts though and uses her own investigative instincts to find evidence of Justin’s wrongdoings in his drawings. Before she can find Clark to tell him the truth about what she knows Justin tracks her down, now feeling betrayed by Chloe as well, he tries to kill her. Fortunately Clark is able to get there in time to save her and stop Justin hurting anyone else.

Also in this episode Lex is mourning the death of his mother on the day she died. His former nanny Pamela Jenkins turns up while Lex is visiting his mothers grave. Her appearance here doesn’t have great significance, we learn Lex had great affection for her growing up and she asks him for forgiveness for leaving after his mother died. Of course much later on in the series we learn that Pamela is the mother of Lex’s half sister Tess Mercer.

Maybe seeing Chloe with someone else made Clark realise he has feeling for her, as later at The Talon he makes an important step and invites Chloe to the journalism conference she had wanted to go to. Lana witnesses them together and is beginning to think she has feelings for Clark as well. To further complicate things Whitney comes in, visibly upset and tells Lana his dad has died. We end on a sombre note at Whitney’s dad’s funeral, with the song ‘Time after time’ accompanying the sad event in the background. While Lana is there to support Whitney, she can’t help but glance at Clark, who is transfixed with her also, something which does not go unnoticed by Chloe. Feelings are definitely starting to boil over as we approach the final two episodes and the complex relationships of these characters are going to be pushed to breaking point. Up next is Obscura.