Flash Vols. 1 2 & 3 (Rebirth) Review

I don’t spend a lot of time reading comics and a lot of my knowledge of The Flash comes from watching the show. I love the show and after being recommended to start with Rebirth, I have found myself immersed in a very exciting story.

It’s a good starting point for anyone to pick up from and the story starts with what The Flash does best – a speedster crisis! We’re introduced to familiar characters such as Iris and Wally West and thrown a catalogue of great Flash villains including Godspeed, Black Hole (who are part of the current tv series) and The Rogues. It is a bit strange for me not having characters like Caitlin and Cisco though! The main narrative running through the first 3 issues is Barry dealing with an influx of various new speedsters, which is how we are introduced to Godspeed. Meeting Godspeed is probably my favourite part of the story so far, mainly because he’s not a clear cut villain. Behind his actions there are very good intentions. Barry also finds himself a new love interest in a new speedster, Meena, who goes missing pretty early on. We have two Wally Wests which is intriguing. An original Wally, brought back by Barry from being lost in the speed force after Flashpoint Paradox, who journeys off to be with the Titans and a new version of Wally who is perfecting his super power.

What I love most about reading this is you really feel lost in the world of DC. So many other characters are mentioned and you realise they are all connected and their stories are intertwined. I also really like that compared to watching the show, you get to understand certain things about the characters much better. For example, Captain Cold is a much more rounded character and you begin to get a much clearer picture of why he behaves the way he does. I did also find myself reading him in Wentworth Miller’s voice!

This start to Rebirth is engrossing and opens other avenues which I’m looking forward to exploring as the story continues. I’m so excited to meet the Titans. I’m hooked and I’m pretty sure this the start of an exciting journey for me.