The Flash 90s – Ep15 – Flash Forward Review

Out of all the episode of The Flash this is the one I remember the most from my childhood. I consider Fast Forward to be an all time classic.

The murderer of Barry’s brother and leader of The Dark Riders (see episode 1) Nicholas Pike has been released from prison due to legal technicalities. Pike and his attorney/lover (Monica) emerge victorious from the court house. Monica claims The Flash killed Jay Allen which obviously makes an already furious Barry even angrier and he tells Pike that it’s not finished yet. As Pike and Monica drive away from the court house in a limo Pike proclaims that he will make the city pay but first he has a score to settle…..with The Flash.

The next day Barry’s nephew Shawn asks if The Flash killed his father. Barry explains that Pike is Jay’s murderer but sometimes the law makes mistakes. While having lunch at a fancy restaurant Pike notices Barry at another table. Pike pretends to make amends but when that doesn’t work he tells Barry that he did kill Jay and that Jay begged for his life. Barry punches Pike knocking him off of his chair. Monica warns Barry that even though he is a cop the law can still punish him and it does as Lt. Garfield suspends Barry for 30 days.

At his secret hideout Pike reveals to Monica something even The Flash can’t outrun. Barry has become disillusioned with the law and being The Flash. He tells Tina that he wants to leave the city and they have a massive argument. Barry asks Julio to look after Earl before he leaves and they both watch on as Barry drives out of their lives.

Pike anonymously tells the police and that he has planted a bomb at the Devils Gate Reservoir Dam and he wants $10 million by midnight or he will blow the dam and flood the city. As Barry picks his stuff up from the station Garfield tells him about the bomb threat. He decides to make one more stop before he leaves the city.

The Flash runs over to the dam and he finds a surprise waiting for him. It’s not a bomb waiting to blow the damn but a missile. Pike appears on a screen and he wonders if The Flash can outrun the missile. The Flash gets a head start before the missile launches. He tries to lose it but it’s locked onto his heat signature, despite this The Flash still manages to keep his distance from the missile. Pike is not a very patient man so he detonates the missile. The blast combined with The Flash’s speed throws him (Buck Roger’s style) into the future.

A very shaken Flash emerges from an ally to find Central City in disarray, abandoned cars fill the roads, and the majority of the people are out on the street. He picks up a paper and realises that he has travelled 10 years into the future and the city has been renamed Pike City.

The Flash sees the police raid a shop. They drag out and arrest former officers Bellows and Murphy for selling contraband (A Flash action figure). The Flash tries to intervene but his speed fails and he slows down, the police easily restrain and unmask him. They scan his finger prints and a computer tells them who he is, that he disappeared 10 years ago and they should take him to Mayor Pike immediately. Before they can a teenage boy cycles past and throws a grenade at their police car. In the chaos The Flash gets away but is nearly run over by a dustcart. It pulls over and the driver recognises the unmasked Flash, the driver is Julio. He hides Barry from the police and sends them the wrong way.

Julio and his wife Sabrina now live in Barry’s old apartment where they look after twins and Earl Jr. Julio fills Barry in on how Pike took over the city with bribery and corruption. Barry needs to find Tina so they can work out how to get his speed back. As S.T.A.R Labs was taken over my Pike’s police force Tina moved into an old shop and turned it into a free clinic to help the poor. Tina kicks Barry out as soon as she sees him. She blames him for the mess the city is in as he didn’t come back and save them from Pike.

Barry tries to explain to Julio that he was thrown through time due to the missile explosion. It looks like Julio believes him but as they ponder their next move the police grab Barry and Julio and they are taken to S.T.A.R Labs. Pike reveals that he had Julio under surveillance and he knows that Barry has lost his speed. Pike starts to torture Barry with electric shock treatment (I think you can see how this is going to go). The machine overloads and a rejuvenated Barry takes care of Pike’s guards and straps Pike to the machine. Unfortunately for Barry his speed fails again but both he and Julio escape the lab.

Julio takes a weakened Barry to Tina and fills her in on why Barry was gone so long. She explains to Barry that any effort to get his speed back permanently could kill him. He asks for her help but Tina doesn’t want to see Barry kill himself. Julio leads them to The Liberation Underground, a group who are trying to end Pike’s reign of terror. Barry notices that everyone is looking at him, Garfield informs him it’s because they know he is The Flash and they basically worship him. Julio shows Barry The Flash Museum they created. The teenager who threw the grenade at the police car earlier introduces himself to Barry, it’s his nephew Shawn. Shawn and the rest of The Liberation Underground never gave up on The Flash as they believe he will save them from Pike.

Pike demands that The Flash turns himself in or he will execute every member of The Liberation Underground that are in police custody. Barry doesn’t know how he can help without his speed but Tina has a theory. She believes that Barry was sent through a tear in the space time continuum and she has a plan to send Barry back through it and stop Pike from taking over the city.

Tina, Julio and The Flash break into S.T.A.R Labs; luckily Tina knows how to override the security system. As The Flash walks down a corridor an armed guard sneaks up behind him, Julio calls out to warn him but the guard shoots Julio instead. The Flash drop kicks the guard and runs over to Julio who dies in his arms. Tina locks Pike and the police out of the lab. She injects The Flash with a booster injection to accelerate his metabolism but if it doesn’t work it could kill him. It doesn’t take long for The Flash to feel the electricity flowing through his body. To send The Flash back to the past Tina decides to blow up the labs reactor. Barry warns her of the risk but she is sure (and very brave). Just before the lab blows Barry kisses Tina (about time) and runs off and the explosion sends him back through time.

Back in present day the returning Flash meets the pre time travelling Flash just before the missile is launched. The Flash deactivates it and merges with himself. He finds Pike ties him up and threatens to blow him up with his own missile if he doesn’t confess that he killed Jay Allen and tells the police where he dumped the murder weapon. Obviously Pike gives in.

Barry drives back to Central City where he finds Julio and gives him a big hug. That night Tina asks Barry why he didn’t leave town, as he looks into her eyes Barry tells her that he realized that what he had in Central City was more valuable than what he thought.