Constantine – S1 Ep7 – Blessed are the Damned Review

We start off the episode in a town called Briarwood. We are introduced to a brother and sister (the familiar face of Juliana Harkavy) and an ominous looking box- which we find out soon enough houses a snake. We cut to the local church, where the brother, Zack is a preacher. We find out that Zack’s father died previously and he has taken over. This is where the snake comes in. He preaches about the saviour and being safe but then things go a little wrong and after being bitten, he mediately falls to the floor dead. Shocked faces everywhere, but not as shocked as when he comes back alive again. He proceeds to heal a man with an amputation- growing the leg fully back. Miracles. Knowing the show, this cannot be a good sign- and neither was the glowing object Zack put in his pocket.

The show then cuts to Zed at a still life class. Which is a good time to point out that I almost forgot she was an artist- so thank you for this! However this is cut short with a blood-curdling shriek as Zed has a vision of snakes all around her ankles. Class goes into a short break, and during this time we see the life model talk to Zed, asking her out. Zed seems a little held back and hesitant in giving him her number, but changes her mind. Is this hesitant as there may be something with John? Or just not ready to date? Or just simply not interested? I like to think that Zed is holding back as she has some feelings for John, but we shall see how this potential story comes into place.

Zed heads to see John to tell him of the vision and the pair of them head to Briarwood. The conversations between them are quite important as we see a little more insight into Zed’s character. She believes that there is ‘something’ else in life- a guiding hand of it all. We also find out later in the episode that she would like to know where her powers come from- something that has not really came up much in the show so far! After chatting a little they head into see the preacher in his church. A massive contrast to size of congregation- there are people coming from all over to see Zack’s miracles. Constantine recognises (but doesn’t understand) the language of the angels that Zack is chanting during his service- Enochian. After the service they speak to him one-to-one and Zed has a vision- there are wings and its all shadowy, however one thing is certain. Zed confirms that Zack is faithful and has good intentions. Constantine however is less impressed and simply tries to get a measure of him.

The show cuts to the man in the first scene- the amputee man who grew his leg back! At the doctors surgery we see him turn. His skin changes, sweating and then he turns animalistic -attacking the doctor and later, the sheriff. His eyes are red. Something has indeed went wrong with the miracles. Who would have thought??

Constantine yells out for Manny, which is significant for a couple of reasons, however, this is the first time Zed finds out about him, and the fact that angels really do exist and are in contact with John Constantine! This leads onto Constantine and Zed finding a hurt fallen angel and how it happened i.e. damage to the wings. Things are definitely piecing together.

We head back to Zack and his sister Sarah where we find out that Sarah is getting more and more worried about where the powers come from. We find out a lot of her worries surround Zack and how he has been a changed man for a while. I get a vibe here that Zack may have killed his father and this is how he is trying to prove himself? But these are just my speculations. This would have been a good little sub-plot to expand a little, but timing and pace of the episode- I get it!

Suddenly the pace of the show gets a lot faster when we basically see more attacks by the first ‘miracle’ guy- we found out upon his death that he is a ‘ghoul’- i.e. he is formed when magic goes wrong. Constantine and Zed work out a plan to steal Zack’s source of power (the feather from the angel) however, it’s not that easy. While being chased by ghouls, Zack confessed to killing his father (I KNEW IT) and then Constantine puts two and two together and realises that the angel is not good! Beautifully terrible we see the fallen angel in all her glory and we see her end. It would be nice if the series looked more at angels and their place in it all, as from what little we know of her and of Manny, I am extremely interested.

The episode ends with Zed on the phone to her date (I didn’t even pick up his name). A light conversation that ends with them re-arranging to meet another time. This more light-heartedness abruptly comes to an end as the man from the date isn’t alone and we find out that people are after Zed. Who? Who knows… but an interesting ending to the episode all the same!