Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep8 – Romeo V Juliet: Dawn of Justness Review

Following Ray and Norah’s wedding the newly weds have been settling into married life. However Damien’s words have been playing on Ray’s mind and Ray announces to Norah that he wants to be there for her so he thinks that they should leave the Waverider. With the decision made they head off to begin the day and encounter the others waiting for the bathroom that is being hogged by Zari. Ray and Norah break the news and all that matters now is how they tell Nate?

Ray and Nate have been through a lot together and the realisation that Ray is going to leave has just hit home. However while Ray finds a way to break the news the team are off to find the first piece of the Loom of Fate.

Charlie confirms that a trip to 1594 London is on the cards. Cue William Shakespeare who has the loom piece which is disguised as a ring. Shakespeare is going through a writer’s block and is stumped on how to end his newest play Romeo and Juliet. Meanwhile back on the Waverider Mona is back for Norah’s post wedding book club and an invitation to Zari follows. It isn’t long before Norah is having her delayed bachelorette party.

Constantine, Ray, Mick, Nate, Behrad and Charlie meanwhile have recovered the ring that Shakespeare had sold to fund the play. It seems that Ray’s last mission has gone without a hitch. Well that is until they decide to stay for Ray’s bachelor party. The drink flows and they start to talk about the loom. What they don’t know is that the coin maker has been working on Astra and they are spying on them to find out what the team are looking for. Constantine senses the presence and casts a spell to repel the being. He realises too late that it appears to be Astra. Constantine has interupted one of the local’s pints and a fight follows. Shakepeare observes the team in full superhero mode and the girls notice the title has changed and Romeo and Juiet is gone.

Mona tries to convince Mick to contact his daughter but he is afraid. Mona is the only one who can get through. Remains to be seen if Mick makes contact.

The team return to the Waverider and Sara brings them to task They are forced to return to London and to convince Shakepeare to put on the play with the correct ending. Shakespeare is found to be drowning his sorrows as the funds to put on the play have been cancelled following the disappearance of the ring. The team have to put the play on in order to save literary history. Howver while Ray is convincing Shakepeare Nate overhears Ray say he is leaving the team and is devastated by the apparent betrayal. Nate tells Ray to leave while they sort out this Shakespearean mess. It’s only when Nate is delivering the balcony scene with Constantine that he realises his mistake. Zari takes Nate’s place as Juliet and with Constantine as Romeo deliver a brilliant balcony scene and literary history is saved because the only tale of woe should be that of Juliet and her Romeo. Except this time they had competition as Ray and Nate said their goodbyes.

A number of questions for the rest of the season remain – what is the coin makers interest in the loom? Is she going to turn out to be one of Charlie’s sisters? Will the Romeo and Juliet scene signal romance for Constantine and Zari? How will the team function without Ray’s quirky ways? Still sad that Ray and Norah are gone with the team losing two members of its family. This episode landed while a lot of the world is facing its greatest challenge but what this episode has shown and the world in general is that we are all on a journey. We all start and finish but its the journey that matters and we all have our part to play in this part of our journey. Take care and we can all have an escape to the Waverider to look forward to.