Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep7 – Mr Parker’s cul de sac Review

Following Constantine’s brush with death Ray is inspired to seize the day and propose to Norah. Cue the preparations of a fancy dinner with Gary’s assistance at Chez Constantine. Norah arrives for dinner with her latest charge, Pippa. Gary who as enthusiastic as always seems to disappear.

Back on the Waverider Gideon has detected the presence of an Encore in 1874 Salvation. Astra has brought back Damien Darhk who has taken the 2018 Gary who was on Beebo parts collection duty following the team’s success two years before. Gary is tied to the train tracks by Damien and it seems that Gary is about to run of steam when Ava and Sara arrive to save the day. Gary tells them that Damien is back and he has taken his time device. Gary is soon sent back to 2018 while Ava and Sara go to Constantine’s to kill Damien hopefully before Norah finds out that he is back. They arrive but its too late and Norah is already trying to keep her dad happy. The lies follow and Ray is put in charge of watching Pippa while Norah gets to spend one more evening with her dad.

Meanwhile Constantine is still after the Loom of Fate and Nate suggests that a trip to the South Pole would lead to a part of the loom. Constantine is all geared up to go when he realises that Charlie had used her shape shifting powers to deceive him and to send him on a false errand.

Mick is his usual happy self and is infuriated by a very active troll who has taken exception to his novels. Zari is tasked to help Mick wth the troll so the rest of the team can deal with the Encore.

Damien is extremely happy with the thought of Norah’s darhkness and black magic reaching new heights. Norah’s lies spiral and within minutes Sara and Ava are her hench women and Constantine (much to his look of horror) is now Norah’s dark arts boy friend.

Ray, feeling sad after being asked to leave by Norah so she can manage her dad is bonding with Pippa over his favourite childhood programme of Mr Parker’s cul de sac. It is at this moment that Nate and Behrad reveal that they felt he was rushing things.

Zari and Mick have tracked down the troll and in a twist none of us saw coming Mick comes face to face with his daughter. The daughter he never knew he had with Ali. Definitley Mick’s daughter as the looks of attitude definitely show they are related. Mick can’t cope with the revelation and wipes their minds and leaves.

Ray returns to Constantine’s in time for Ava to find the ring in the cake and for Damien to realise that they were trying to poison him with a potion that would remove his powers, However Norah comes to her senses and reveals her new life and current role as child helper and fairy god mother. Damien is horrified and threatens to kill the team. Charlie, Behrad and Nate turn up just in time with Pippa who decides to wish them all on to Mr Parker’s cul de sac. Their stint on the programme forces Damien, Norah and Ray to talk properly about their future hopes. Charlie and Constantine are thrown together and after watching puppet Sara and Ava make up following the revelation that Wild Dog had offered Sara a job in Star City. Constantine and Charlie reach a deal that they will find the loom of fate to stop Charlie’s sister getting the loom, save Astra and then destroy it as the loom has powers too great for one person. Gary gets over his train phobia and Nate becomes everyones sunshine in Mr Parker’s cul de sac.

Damien finally comes to his senses and with all the drama Pippa releases Norah. Damien finally does the decent thing and accepts that Norah wants a different life with Ray. Ray and Norah decide to get married that very evening, The wedding goes with a swing with the full team in attendance. The team turned out in their finest refinery – except for Constantine who sported his trade mark trench coat. Damien gives Ray his blessing and suggests well warns Ray that he better be there for Norah and support her new calling, Ray suddenly realises that to have the stable life Norah needs he will need to leave the Waverider. Norah is overjoyed that she got to share her wedding with her dad who she thought she had lost forever.

Sara and Damien share a moment as Damien is about to sneak out of the party. Damien knows Sara can’t forgive him because he can’t forgive himself. Damien also admits that he made a deal with Astra for his return from hell and he expects an eternity of torture in hell because he didn’t fulfil the Encore contract. Damien sacrifices himself and uses the hell sword to return to hell despite the fate that is awaiting him. Norah is in the darhk over his fate but he is not concerned because he has seen and got what he wanted – Norah happy and settled with Ray and has the friendship of the legends.

What a great episode. Having Damien back was a real treat and seeing Norah and Damien reconnect was just magic. Mr Parker’s cul de sac appeared to be a sightly odd programme but it was the catalyst for the happy ever after for Ray and Norah. The sad implication though being the impending Ray and Norah departure which will be a great loss for the team. I loved Norah’s dress and Chez Constantine turned out to be the perfect wedding venue. Although Constanine could have changed his coat and it remains to be seen how long he is able to quit smoking for. Mick being in total denial over his daughter was also really refreshing and fun to watch. I expect Mick will have met his match. Looking forwad to fate taking a hand and the loom being a step closer as the series progresses.