Black Lightning – S3 Ep15 – The Book Of War Chapter 3 – Liberation Review

It’s Black Lightning vs Gravedigger in the epic season three finale!!

Freeland has finally been liberated! In an epic final showdown, Black Lightning and his allies successfully defeated the Markovians while also taking down the ASA in the process. This finale did a stellar job of wrapping up the major storylines of the season while also setting up potential threads for the future. Let’s recap!

The final chapter of the “Book Of War” aptly titled “Liberation” picks where the previous one left off. Black Lightning angrily attacks Gravedigger (guest star Wayne Brady), who displays some of his various new abilities including microwave manipulation. Jefferson attempts to reason with the OG Meta by revealing their familial ties, but it falls on deaf ears. As they fight, Gravedigger has his forces capture a KO’ed Jen and take her to a secure location. Gravedigger ultimately bests Black Lightning and makes a beeline for The Pit to gather the ASA’s metahumans.

Meanwhile, the Resistance attempts to fight off the invading Markovian forces. Jamillah Olsen (guest star Adetinpo Jones) is gunned down while broadcasting another message of hope. Out in the streets of Freeland, Henderson leads the police force along with Two-Bits and other Resistance members in a battle with the Markovians. When it looks like hope is lost, Lala (William Catlett) (who receives a tip from a double-crossed Lady Eve) arrives with his gang and provides assistance.

Elsewhere, Odel (guest star Bill Duke) orders Major Grey (guest star Katy O’Brien) and Commander Williams (guest star Christopher B. Duncan) to “clean up” their presence in Freeland. In addition, he has Major Grey retrieve the briefcase.

Speaking of Odell, back at Gambi’s, TC uses his abilities to search for the ASA leader while Gambi aids Jefferson in locating Jen. TC collapses due to the ASA’s tech. Brandon arrives and decides to help Jefferson rescue Jen.

Gravedigger and Jen clash over their views of the world as the villain claims the USA will never change as far as its treatment of African Americans. Jen pushes back saying that there has been change, not enough, but some nevertheless. The two also exchange threats.

As Commander Williams eliminates Dr. Jace, Major Grey meets with Lady Eve (guest star Jill Scott) for information concerning the briefcase. Lady Eve demands her place on the Shadow Board and then reveals the briefcase’s location. Grey responds saying that the crime boss will be set up nicely in Gotham. Lady Eve realizes that ASA has betrayed and plans to destroy Freeland. A shootout ensues with both women leaving injured. Lady Eve calls Destiny to relay a message to Lala.

Gravedigger arrives at the Pit as Grace and Anissa lead the metas into the hyper-secure safe room. The villain neutralizes the Resistance forces guarding the complex which included Grayle (guest star Boone Platt) and Erica (guest star Gabrielle Garcia). Henderson watches from the woods nearby as Black Lightning arrives outside with Jen, whom he successfully saved. Gravedigger’s forces decide to fire on the vigilantes while they check on the sleeping Resistance forces. Henderson takes out several Markovians, but is fatally shot in the process. Jefferson rushes to his aid and is by his side as his friend passes on.

Meanwhile, inside the Pit, Gravedigger faces off briefly against Thunder and Grace (guest star Chantal Thuy). He “pushes” Grace to kill Thunder. The two brutally battle each other until Anissa is able to knock her out. We later find out that Grace is now in a coma and must be transported to a place to monitored.

Also inside the Pit, Lynn is able to create an anti-booster which should neutralize Gravedidgggers multiple abilities. She is confronted by Commander Williams, who continues his clean sweep of Freeland. He informs her that he has already taken care of Jace and she is next. He opens fire, but Lynn uses powers to deflect them back into the meta.

On his way to the safe room, Gravedigger runs into Jen and Brandon, who use their abilities together to form volcanic lightning in an attempt to hold him back. He easily defeats them, but once again finds himself up against Black Lightning. After another intense fight, Gravedigger once again bests him, but Lynn comes in with the assist. The anti-booster is successful allowing Black Lightning to knock him out.

Elsewhere, Odell remotely issues a self destruct order for all remaining ASA complexes including the Pit. This leaves the Pierce family one minute to escape the Pit. They do, but are forced to leave Gravedigger behind despite Jefferson’s desire to “save” him.

Odell strolls out of his safehouse and into his car. However, he is confronted by Khalil, who was able to take back control from Painkiller (in an impressive sword fight inside his mind). He introduces himself and puts a bullet in him (it only damages his spleen) despite Jefferson’s attempt to stop him.

The remaining ASA agents led by Grey storm Gambi’s shop in an attempt to retrieve the briefcase. However, they are met with a barrage of gunfire from a sneaky Gambi and TC. Gambi is forced to eliminate them all in order to protect the Pierce family secrets and the briefcase.

The season ends with Tobias in Markovia planning to return to Freeland to regain his rightful crown. In addition, we see the senate hearing in Gotham in which Lynn’s (who is still secretly taking Green Light) metahuman boarding school plan is ratified as well as Black Lightning and crew testifying against the ASA etc. He details the longtime terrible treatment of African Americans in US History and that this incident in Freeland was part of a larger plan by the ASA. The judges rule in favor of Freeland and the heroes stating that the ASA will be disbanded and Odell will be tried to the fullest extent of the law. As they leave, we see a mysterious man who transforms to reveal his true identity: a very much alive and powered Gravedigger!

This finale was simply brilliant! Season 3 came to an end in truly epic fashion. The fight scenes were electric (pun intended) and some of the best of the series so far. The cast brought their “A” game once again. Wayne Brady’s Gravedigger proved to be a fantastic villain for this show. His unique power set provided a great foil for Jefferson and his allies. The fact that he survived the finale makes me quite excited for Season 4! This episode saw its fair share of deaths including Freeland’s stalwart protector Henderson. I knew Damon Gupton had been let go from the series, but the character’s death was still emotional and moving. Gupton has been a fantastic part of this show and will be deeply missed.

As I have said in several reviews, Season 3 is, in my opinion, the best of the series. I found the overall story extremely compelling. It was a definite improvement over the previous season. Hopefully, Season 4 can continue to this upward trend!

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