Lois & Clark – S1 Ep1&2 – Pilot Review

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope it’s just a guy in a pair of blue tights and a cape….

Lois & Clark or as it was called in the UK just The New Adventures of Superman was the introduction to Superman for a lot of people, in 1993 it had been 15 years since Superman the movie and while it was only 6 years since ahem….Superman 4, it was time for a new take on the character and that’s exactly what we got, the original title of Lois & Clark gave you an inkling of how different this show was from the movies, more focused on the partnership between Lane and Kent and their relationship and very much the two of them leading, while this is a Superman show, he’s not the sole focus and that’s a great thing, it really gives the show legs.

The pilot episode is a great introduction to this new world and its cast of characters, we don’t start with Superman’s origin, Krypton and everything else comes along later but for now you are thrown into a normal day at the Daily Planet. Lois is the first person we meet and Teri Hatcher still to this day is incredible, tenacious, strong willed, smart and just everything Lois should be, Jimmy Olsen played in this season at least by Michael Landes does a pretty good job but always felt a bit old for the role for me, Tracy Scoggins as Cat Grant is the perfect anti-Lois and I feel like she’s missed in the following seasons. Now, Lane Smith as Perry White is perfect! His take on the character is straight out of the comics with his own Elvis obsession thrown in with ‘Great Caesar’s ghost’ replaced with ‘Great shades of Elvis’ the perfect boss for the Daily Planet.

Our first introduction to Clark is him turning up in Metropolis for the first time with his first interview at the Daily Planet not going so well, Dean Cain plays a great Clark Kent and indeed Superman, he has the looks and the charm and really buys into the character even if the difference between Clark and Superman isn’t a massive distinction it’s enough to make you think people wouldn’t notice the man of tomorrow behind those glasses. Eddie Jones and K Callan play a great Ma and Pa Kent and shows you just where Kal-el got his humanity from, the scenes with them are always filled with such wholesome emotion.

Then we have Lex Luthor, John Shea gives us something we’ve not really had before…..hair!!! But along with that we have a millionaire already entrenched in everything in Metropolis and is the perfect foil to Superman in this first season.

This first episode gives you a fantastic overview of everything, all the characters and their dynamics, what to expect from the show going forward and also the best Ma Kent costume making scene we’ve ever had, lovingly recreated in Supergirl years later. We get Lois & Clark’s relationship laid out but then also Lois and Superman’s as he saves her from an explosion and she gives him his name, classic.

This show has that really nice mix between charm, emotion, comedy and fun. Is it super 90’s, sure! But while there was only 4 seasons of the show (the same amount of seasons as the Superboy tv show btw!) it’s still held up as a benchmark of Superman shows and is held in high esteem along with Smallville and Superman The Animated Series (check out our reviews of those shows too!) And with the new Arrowverse show coming soon this is probably what it will be compared to. Also the theme tune makes me happy lol!

I’m looking forward to revisiting this series and all the DC content it gives us!