Legends of Tomorrow – S5 Ep6 – Mortal Khanbat Review

So at the end of the last episode we saw Astra attempt to end Constantine’s life by bringing forward the onset of lung cancer. The episode starts with Constantine being taken to the Waverider where the diagnosis is confirmed – stage 4 with a matter of hours remaining.

To keep the team busy Ava suggests that they track their latest encore which takes them to Hong Kong (1997). Hong Kong is about to be handed back from Britain to China. Ava, Charlie, Behrad and Nate have a Triad tea room staked out. They are looking for the encore/ gangster who is trying to take over the Triad’s operations. Enter gangster with thirteenth century armour who is quickly identified as Genghis Khan. A terrific gun fight follows but Khan gets away. In the midst of the flying bullets it becomes clear that Behrad and Charlie have a connection and have been avoiding each other since her return.

Back on the Waverider Constantine is determined to leave. Illness won’t stop this Brit from finding out what happened. Constantine knows that the onset of this illness has magic at its core. Constantine returns home but with Gary and Ray by his side.They try all sorts of magical cures until Constantine resolves to enter purgatory to find who did this to him. Constantine comes face to face with Astra who he discovers owns the chip to his soul and is the cause of his failing health. Constantine gets angry and tells Ray and Gary to leave.

In Hong Kong it becomes clear that Khan’s real target is Prince Charles who is there to hand Hong Kong back to the chinese. Khan has other ideas and decides to put together a modern fleet of warfare to gain a new empire. Charlie discovers this but is almost killed when the past she has been evading starts to call her name.

Constantine has resigned himsef to his last day and apologies to his friends. Ray makes a traditional roast for a last supper and the trio toast what they think will be their last. Ray admits he wants to marry Norah and the fact the Gary wants to be their ‘flower boy’ is only slightly odd. Constantine announces his intentions in his last will and admits that the toast he drank was in fact poison and he collapses.

In Hong Kong it looks as though Khan will succeed when he gets the prince. However Charlie has taken the Prince’s place. It looks as though Charlie has reached the end of the road when Khan orders her death. Behrad steps forward as the hero and blocks the bullets using the totem. Khan is thwarted and the timeline saved. Charlie admits that she left because she hid the loom of fate across the multiverse and following the recent crisis all of the pieces are now in one plain. This is leading Charlie’s sisters to her and they will kill her if they find her. The legends resolve to stick together and protect Charlie from the sister’s that she has been evading for thousands of years.

Constantine is facing his final sixty seconds when he talks to Astra about her mother and signs the song that Natalie had sang to Constantine then Astra. Constantine says he can change it all and Astra finally shows some heart and love for her mother. Astra spins the dial and restores Constantine’s health so he can keep the promise of bringing back her mother. That being said his life/ chip is still in Astra’s hands and she could end his life whenever she sees fit. Constantine awakens much to Ray and Gary’s surprise with a new lease of life and a promise to keep and a loom to find.

This episode has set the scene for the rest of the series. I really thought Constantine had had his chips and there would be no saving him. He has nine lives and the luck of the devil. Although he knew how to strike a chord with Astra – with her weakness being her mother. Astra may have been in hell but she clearly loves her mother and would do anything – even save Constantine if it meant she could get her back. I really hope Constantine keeps his promise but despite the good intentions he doesn’t have a good track record. I loved how Ray and Gary stayed despite all of Constantine’s protests and how they bonded. I thought the story line was handled superbly and translated to screen like the legends writers only can. Although Gary being Norah and Ray’s ‘flower boy’ is definitely one step too far. I really liked seeing some soul and depth to Behrad. Up to now Behrad has been a bit of a mystery and Zari 2.0 is still finding her feet. So the loom of fate could if restored dictate someone’s future. Can the team find it and stop Charlie’s evil sisters from regaining control over its powers? Its clear that the loom is bound to divide the team somehow as they will each want the loom for different reasons but I guess only time will tell if the team are fated to succeed.