Black Lightning – S3 Ep12 – The Book Of Markovia Chapter 3 Review

Team Black Lightning forms an uneasy alliance with the ASA in hopes it will help them save Lynn in this latest chapter of Black Lightning!

“The Book Of Markovia Chapter Two” was largely a setup episode as the Pierce Family works to save Lynn from the Markovians. Unlike some setup episodes, this hour, while not necessarily action packed and exciting, succeeded in being an emotional and interesting story by itself. This episode does a great job of balancing two very key storylines in Lynn’s addiction and saving Khalil from himself. Both allowed for some moving performances from Christine Adams, China Anne McClain, and Jordan Calloway. Let’s recap!

The episode opens with Dr. Jace outlining her plan to befriend Lynn so that she can avoid becoming expendable to her captors in Markovia. The show then, in a bit of comedy, cuts to Lynn and Jace duking it out. Mosin arrives and breaks it up. He reveals that he knows of Lynn’s addiction and that Odell is behind it (via a mole: Nurse Allen). Lynn is stunned. As reality sets in, Lynn also learns that she is there to help weaponize the metas with the stabilization serum. Lynn would rather die than help Jace and the Markovians, however, she is convinced to take the Green Light pill left by Mosin and starts working. Elsewhere in the compound, the Markovian nurse extracts bone marrow from a captive Tobias, who is just as mouthy as ever. Later, Jace visits him and teases his future lobotomization. Tobias reminds her that she is expendable now that Lynn is here.

Meanwhile, at Gambi’s, Jen quickly realizes that everyone knew that Khalil was alive before she did. She lashes out at TC after he informs her of Khalil’s love for her. Once Jen learns of the programmed chip, she is quick to find a way to remove it. Gambi urges caution as removing it would kill him. Gambi suggests that TC use his abilities to determine a safe way to neutralize the “Painkiller” operating system and thus bring Khalil back.

Jefferson and Anissa receive a message from “Lynn” telling them to come to the house. Once there, they are met by Sgt. Grayle who informs them of Lynn’s capture. Grayle offers to aid them in bringing her home as he wants to make things right. They are initially wary of him, but believe he is truthful. They then set up a meeting with Major Grey via Grayle to gain ASA assistance to rescue her.
The news of her situation puts Jefferson on edge. Jefferson breaks down and tells Anissa about Lynn’s addiction. She is initially angry that Jefferson knew about this and yet still helped the Resistance. However, in a beautiful father-daughter moment, they agree to help Lynn as a family.

Meanwhile, TC uses his abilities to journey into Khalil’s mind where he discovers that “Painkiller” is preventing “Khalil” from taking back control over his mind. With help from Jen and Gambi, TC is able to trap “Painkiller” behind a “firewall.”

Jefferson and Anissa, meet with Grey and Grayle about building a team to rescue Lynn. Jefferson demands that everyone he brings on this mission be granted full immunity and be off limits from the ASA. They then set out to gather the team which comes to include: Grace, TC, Brandon, Jen, and Gambi. In addition, Major Grey herself recruits Grayle and young ASA meta Erica Moran, who unbeknownst to Jefferson, has been programmed to kill Lynn should she be beyond saving.

Before they set out to save Lynn, they work to save another: Khalil. TC and Jen once again venture into Khalil’s mind, as he did not wake up after their first visit. This time the duo is able to find the real Khaili, who has sealed himself inside a safe haven. Jennifer, turning herself into pure energy, is able to convince him to retake control over himself though he sees the horrors that he has committed as Painkiller including killing his own mother. Once he wakes up, Khalil is visibly shaken. He cannot even embrace Jen due to the poison in his skin. In a heartbreaking scene, he breaks up with Jen claiming he is literally poison.

The stage is now set for what is sure to be an epic rescue! Though this episode was a setup, I found myself enjoying it more than other setups. I particularly enjoyed the Khalil storyline as it showcased Jordan Calloway’s range and talent. It was painful to see Khalil relive the memories of the terrible things he’s done and realize what he has become. It will be interesting to see where his story goes from here. This storyline also showcased the great addition that is TC. His dynamic with the team, especially Gambi is so pure and genuinely fun to watch. Speaking of the team, I loved the formation of the rescue team. It was great to see each member have a purpose and motivation to join the mission as opposed to just plot.

Overall, this was yet another enjoyable episode that showcases the emotion and heart of the show. I am really looking forward to next week’s rescue episode.

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