Arrow – S8 Ep9 – Green Arrow and the Canaries Review

A whole new world is set up in this episode as we get an introduction to Arrow’s spin off, Green Arrow and the Canaries. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this but I was very pleasantly surprised and at the end of the episode I was left wanting more!

This felt fresh and new whilst very familiar at the same time. It managed to take us back to the future, but to a different 2040 to what we’ve seen previously. The effects of Crisis and the rebirth of the multiverse are apparent from the very beginning but still left you with unanswered questions, making you crave more. What we do learn though is that Mia and William grew up together, Mia has the surname Queen and is engaged to John Diggle Jr – it’s Connor who went off the rails, Zoe is alive and Dinah has her canary cry!! There’s mention of Rene being the mayor which means there’s a possibility that he will make it back too. Having Ben, JJ, Connor and Zoe enhanced its familiarity and I’m hoping they will be a part of the show permanently. Other members of the Arrowverse like Cisco and J’onn are mentioned which I liked as it helped keep this new show’s connection.

With Sara’s help, Laurel makes it to the future to try and save Bianca Bertinelli before she’s killed, ending Star City’s success in being crime free for 20 years. She first finds Dinah who now owns and performs at a bar. She woke up here after Oliver’s funeral in 2020 which means we will eventually be taken on a journey to find out what exactly happened to her. She has a lot of unanswered questions herself and now that the world has no memory of her or Black Canary, she believes it’s a sign that everyone was better off without her. Mia has no knowledge of her previous life until Laurel and Dinah find her and use Cisco’s tech to jog her memory. Here starts the three ladies working together (as a one off) to prevent Bianca from being kidnapped which will lead to distruction in Star City. Deathstroke acts as the main protagonist and it’s inevitable that fingers are pointed at JJ initially. It’s not him though (for now) and by the end of the episode the tracks are laid for more to come.

Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy and Kat McNamara have fantastic chemistry and that is the main thing which draws you in. It actually surprised me how well they work together seeing as they really haven’t shared a substantial amount of screen time together before. I kind of thought it would be really hard to make a show like this without Stephen Amell but they do such a fantastic job that I wasn’t even distracted by him not being in it. I’ve always been a fan of what Katie has done with this version of Laurel and that’s only enhanced in this. She’s brilliant. They all are. They managed to portray moments fuelled by emotion as well as moments of complete strength which results in a female led show with its own identity. It felt very different to Supergirl or Batwoman.

So after this introduction I am left excited and ready for more. With it being the last ever episode of Arrow next week it’s a nice feeling to know it’s legacy will continue and Katie, Juliana and Kat have proven they are more than capable of doing just that.