Batman: TAS – S1 – The Cat and the Claw Part 1 Review

So far The Joker, The Penguin, Two Face, Poison Ivy and Mr Freeze have had their chance to shine but finally it’s the turn of Batman’s most complex villain/love interest/ally to steal the show.

We find Catwoman climbing an apartment block in Gotham City. After she cuts a hole in a window she gets one of her cats to steal a priceless necklace. Batman catches them in the act and chases Catwoman and her feline friend across the Gotham rooftops. Catwoman appears impressed that Batman can keep up with her. She eventually gets the upper hand by kicking a stack of trash cans onto him. Catwoman is free to get away, her cat on the other hand is about to be run over by a truck. Thankfully Batman saves the cat from being roadkill. For some reason Batman stops chasing her and let’s her get away.

Its animal rights celebrity auction time, the one person who can part with the most money will win a date with Mr Bruce Wayne. The bidding starts at $500 (too cheap in my opinion) but soon rises to $1000 and it’s going once, twice….. suddenly we hear a mysterious voice at the back of the hall call out with a massive bid of “$10,000”. The person steps forward and its Ms Selina Kyle, she has won the date and also earned the undivided attention of Bruce Wayne. Selina explains to Bruce that she bid that amount for the animals and tells Bruce he is off the hook (thing is he doesn’t want to be left of the hook). Bruce manages to still get a lunch date with Selina before the sound of gunfire can be heard outside the hall.

A gang have stolen some high calibre weapons from an army base and are trying to escape the police. The police are no match for the gang and are easily outgunned. Batman on the other hand doesn’t let a little thing like a machine gun stop him. He leaps onto the roof of the gangs van and uses a batarang to hook the steering wheel which makes the van topple over and crash. The gang escape through the sewers. Commissioner Gordon warns Batman that Red Claw, the most ruthless terrorist leader in the world is in Gotham and no one knows what Red Claw looks like. Batman will see what he can do.

Selina is getting ready for her date with Bruce but she confides with her assistant Maven that she wishes it was with Batman. As Bruce arrives Selina’s lawyer phones her. He tells her that the deal is off and she explodes with anger. Selina was trying to buy some land for a wildlife reservation but a cartel has muscled her out of the deal with Multigon International. Bruce gets Selina a meeting with the chairman of Multigon.

The chairman apologises to Selina but he will not change his mind. He plays a tune on a keyboard and a model of the land rises from the under the floor. The land will be turned into a major resort with a golf course, tennis courts etc. etc. Selina is not impressed, she claims that the land is worthless and is only useful to animals such as wild cats. The chairman promises that Multigon will take care of the cats. After she leaves a tall lady dressed in red meets with the chairman. She is Red Claw, she and the chairman agree that they need to keep an eye on Selina Kyle.

Batman threatens the local mob, if they don’t get him information on Red Claw his will make sure they all get sent down for a long time. Catwoman infiltrates the Multigon office. Nearby Red Claw tells her crew that a military train will be passing through Gotham tomorrow night and it will be carrying a strain of viral plague and she wants it by any means necessary. Catwoman finds a secret console which contains classified Multigon documents, she takes photographs of documents. Thanks to her cat Catwoman escapes into a ventilation shaft just before Red Claw shows up. Catwoman makes it to the roof but Red Claw and company are waiting for her. As Catwoman jumps to another rooftop Red Claw fires a grenade at her. Catwoman is falling to her doom but Batman swings in and catches her. She kisses him as they land. Batman wants Catwoman to turn herself in but instead she throws him off a building. As Batman clings onto the side of the building Catwoman warns him to never trifle with a woman’s affections. Back at Selina’s home Catwoman leaps onto the balcony, Maven welcomes her in. Catwoman unmasks revealing herself to be Selina Kyle, ok I know we all know who she is but to the person watching her on behalf of the Red Claw it’s a surprise.

This was most definitely a good episode.  There is certainly an attraction between the bat and the cat but the law seems to be the thing keeping them apart. Will they be able to work together to stop Red Claw and her unruly mob of terrorists? Find out in the next part of my retrospective look at Batman The Animated Series.