The Flash 90s – Ep14 – Be My Baby Review

For some reason the Google Play version is missing the pre title scene. Luckily I remember what happened. Barry bumps into a nervous looking lady (Stacy) he asks if she needs anything, she is starving so Barry gives her some pretzels. Stacy thanks him for the food and runs off. A limo catches up to her and a couple of shady looking men tell her to get in the limo. Stacy tries to get away from them but they corner her in an alleyway. Stacy screams for help are answered by The Flash and he takes care of the men as Stacy escapes. Barry runs over to Stacy and he tells her that he is a cop. She finally stops and askes for a hot meal and a place to stay for the night. She also has a surprise for Barry; Barry opens her backpack to find a baby looking up at him. Roll titles. I have no idea why this was cut from this version.

Barry takes Stacy and her baby (Lilly) back to his apartment. He feeds Lilly so Stacy can rest. Barry asks Stacy if she is in trouble but she claims everything is ok. We know it’s not ok Stacy you have thugs looking for you.

Barry takes Stacy and Lilly to a home for single mothers which his mother helps run. Nora shows Stacy around the home, she loves it and decides to stay for a few days. While Nora and Stacy go through some paperwork Barry is left in a room with five crying babes. I had never seen fear in Barry’s eyes until this moment, perhaps he has met his match. But Barry faces his fear and uses his speed to look after each baby, for example he builds a Lego castle for one and makes a paper hat for another. The ladies return to find a room full of happy babies.

In a nearby Central City hotel criminal mastermind Philip Moses (played by the extremely talented Bryan Cranston) is disappointed that his men let Stacy get away. They have a homing device which informs them that Stacy is in the southwest sector of the city but they do not have an exact location. Moses assistant Roy has a mole in the police department who will let them if Stacy has any contact with the police. Moses wants his muscle, Bodey to take care of The Flash if he shows up again.

The mole informs them that Stacy is at the home for single mothers. Moses tries to convince Nora to let him see Stacy and his daughter Lilly but Nora eventually gets Moses to leave. Through a crack in her door Stacy could see Moses talking to Nora so she decides to sneak away with Lilly. A little while later Stacy and Lilly are out on the street but thanks to Moses homing device he manages to find them. Roy grabs Lilly from Stacy but it’s not Lilly, it was a rolled up blanket. Stacy has hidden Lilly somewhere safe and she tells Moses that he will never find her. Moses and his men take Stacy back to the hotel.

After a meal Barry and Tina arrive at his apartment to find Lilly sleeping on his doorstep. Tina jokingly asked if he is the father, Barry is not amused. Lilly is crying and neither of them can think of a way to make her stop. He calls his mother for help but only gets an answer machine. At the hotel Moses interrogates Stacy on the whereabouts of Lilly; we get the impression that once he has Lilly he will kill Stacy. She refuses to answer so Moses locks her in a room and gives her 24 hours to change her mind or he will get Bodey to question her. Wow he is such a great guy, why would Stacy not tell him where Lilly is?

The next morning Nora arrives at Barry’s apartment. Tina is still there and it’s amazing that this is the first time Nora has met Tina, I think Nora likes her. Nora tells Barry that Stacy has disappeared and she mentioned Moses visit to the home. Barry takes Lilly to the crime lab so he can keep an eye on her. Our old friends Bellows and Murphy and another cop Mills notice Barry with Lilly. Julio plays with Lilly (cause he is a great guy) while Barry looks up Lilly’s birth certificate. He sees Moses named as the father and he is sure he has seen it somewhere before. Julio pulls up the name in the federal database and they find out that Moses has been involved in murder, sabotage, espionage and drug trafficking charges but he was never convicted.

Stacy escapes from the hotel but we find out that Moses let her escape so she could lead them to Lilly. In the meantime Barry gets Tina to look after Lilly while he is on the lookout for Stacy and Moses. Barry’s informant Fosnight knows where someone like Moses would be staying. Stacy turns up at Barry’s apartment and meets Tina, she thinks Tina is Barry’s girlfriend and calls her a lucky women. Tina quickly corrects her. The Flash checks out the hotel and realises that they let Stacy escape. Moses and co break into the apartment and he knocks both Stacy and Tina out with gas and Bodey grabs Lilly. Just as they get in their getaway limo The Flash takes Lilly for Bodey. Fearing The Flash will capture them they drive away. The Flash….I mean Barry reunites mother and daughter.

Down at the police station Lt Garfield plans an undercover operation at the single mothers home so they can get Moses. Mills is the mole and tells Moses about the operation. Roy arrives at the home disguised at an engineer, he grabs what he thinks is Lilly from a crib but it’s a doll. Every undercover officer in the home pulls a gun on him. As Moses is nowhere to be found Barry realises that Moses must have found out that it was a trap. Back at the station Mills sneaks Moses and Bodey in so they can kidnap Lilly. The Flash tires to stop them but Moses neutralises him with an ultrasonic weapon and they take Lilly.

Barry and Garfield discover that Mills is a mole. Garfield finds out that Mills is on roadblock duty at Skyline drive which is a direct road to the airport. I think we know how Moses is planning to leave Central City. To cover his tracks Moses murders Mills with a Ninja throwing star…

Moses has a private plane waiting for him at the airport but The Flash appears. Bodey runs at The Flash but he easily dodges the thug and Bodey runs right into a plane and knocks himself out. Moses throws his briefcase at The Flash, it’s a big mistake as all the money in the case flies into the planes propeller and is shredded. Moses no long cares about Lilly tries to save what little money he has left. 10 minutes late the police arrive to find both Moses and Bodey tied up and gagged with diapers, I’m not sure if they where clean or not.

The next day Stacy tells Barry that Nora got her a job and she finally thinks everything is going to be alright. Lilly starts to talk and she says Flash. Barry convinces Stacy that she said splash.

Be My Baby was a good episode and it was fun seeing Bryan Cranston in a villainous role.

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