Smallville – S1 Ep9 – Rogue Review

Lex has invited Clark to one of his companies fundraisers at the Metropolis Museum. He is surprised to see Lana there and it appears Lex is still trying to help his friend in his quest to win Lana’s affections. While stepping out for some air Clark comes to the rescue of a bus speeding out of control as the driver grabs his chest. Clark thinks nobody saw his heroic attempt, apart from a dog sitting with his sleeping owner on a bench. However there was one person witnessed everything and to make matters worse he is a dirty cop.

At school the next day Chloe is relieved of her post as Editor of The Torch because of all the reports of suspicious incidents involving meteor rocks. Lana happens to be involved in writing for the paper as well and offers to talk to the Principle for Chloe, though I struggle to remember if Lana has ever helped with the school paper in previous episodes as it seems a bit out of place. The school Principle puts Lana in charge of The Torch much to Chloe’s dismay. She feels betrayed by Lana who she thought was becoming a friend and is even more upset when Clark sides with Lana.

We also have Kelly Brook guest staring as Victoria, a woman Lex knows from his past. Victoria is after Lex’s shares in Luthor Corp which Lex figures out pretty quickly. He still wines and dines her and proposes a counter offer.

Back to the main story, Phelan, the cop who witnessed Clark used his powers approaches Lex. It seems Phelan is affiliated with the Luthor’s and has helped them in the past. Lex denies knowing Clark after Phelan shows him a photo claiming he is looking for witnesses to the previous nights bus crash. Phelan finds Clark at the farm and drops a generator on him exposing his powers. Phelan wants Clark to work for him otherwise he will tell the world his secret. Clark goes to his parents and Jonathan assures Clark he will fix the problem. Lex also comes to Clark to warn him of Phelan and his dirty past. When Jonathan goes to meet Phelan he tries to make a deal and Jonathan refuses to let Clark be used to do Phelan’s bidding.

Clark decides to deal with Phelan alone and goes with him to the Internal Affairs offices where Phelan asks him to break into their building to steal from their safe. Clarks uses his intelligence to double cross Phelan to ensure he is discovered by the police by dropping the safe onto his car and taking off with the file he wanted. The next day Clark lies to his parents about what happened. Clark seems to have underestimated Phelan’s reach as it transpires Phelan has planted a dead body and murder weapon on the Kent farm. When the police come for Jonathan, Clark realises he made a mistake.  When Clark goes to see Jonathan in prison he tells him the truth, saying he didn’t have a choice and had to help Phelan. Jonathan reminds Clark that there is always a choice but Clark just wanted to protect his parents.

Phelan has a new deal for Clark – his help for Jonathan’s freedom. Clark reluctantly agrees and goes with Phelan to help him steal from the Metropolis Museum, unaware that Lex has followed them.  After Clark finds a way to alert the guards Phelan draws his gun. He takes a shot at Clark and for the first time we see just how fast Clark is as he dodges the shot, proving he is ‘faster than a speeding bullet’. When the guards race in with Lex more shots are fired but Clark is already gone. Phelan takes a fatal bullet to the chest and as he is dying, Lex tries to find out what information Phelan had on Clark. Phelan’s final words for him are  ‘go to hell’. When Jonathan is released the next day Clark questions whether he should use his powers at all, but his parents assure him that he should and not live in fear but try to be more cautious.

At The Torch Lana manages to convince the Principle to give Chloe her job back as Editor. Chloe is grateful and admits she was upset because she thought Lana was only helping at the paper to try to come between the friendship Chloe has with Clark. Here we see how deeply Chloe feels for Clark and her Lana agree to be friends, both telling each other they ‘just friends’ with Clark.

To end this episode we see Lex, still filled with suspicion going over the camera footage from the museum, seeing only a blur…

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