Pennyworth – S1 Ep3 – Martha Kane Review

A few important things happen in this episode, which at first it does not seem like it is connected but over the course of the hour, we can see why they are there. The opening torture scene provides us with the reminder of how high tensions are between the Raven Society and the No Name League. The army flashbacks I originally thought to be shaping more of Alfie’s background. However it becomes apparent it is to further develop Dave Boy character.

We meet Esme’s Dad for the first time and he is everything she described him to be and more. With refusing to give Alfie his blessing, threatening disinheritance and his reasons why, Alfie and Esme split up. He preys on Alfie’s worries and concerns for himself i.e. that he’s not good enough, that he cannot provide for Esme as he wishes and this in turn causes Alfie to sabotage the relationship by just accepting it. Esme isn’t a major player in this episode, only popping in a few times personally, but as shown in previous episodes, a lot of Alfie’s actions are done with Esme in mind. The ending of this little storyline makes me smile- simply as I like them as a couple. Within the three episodes shown and a relatively short time frame, they have been through a lot and although I hope there will be no more bumps in the road, well that wouldn’t make for a good story now would it?

The main storyline for this episode features Martha Kane and a man named Thurso. Although just starting as a simple driving job, in true Pennyworth style, the plot thickens and well, everything is just a tad more complicated than driving someone from A-B. Thurso, with a warrant after him, is developing a computer (was Turing the inspiration?) but people are after him for different reasons. Alfie helps Thurso to escape on the plane with his computer (and his partner) and it is here we see again how quick thinking and resourceful Alfie is!

Although the show has a modern feel to it, these storylines are a reminder of the time it took place in. Martha is a good character, although not dishonest, she doesn’t quite tell the full story. I hope to see more of her in the episodes to come, especially with her ties to the No Name League.

Another important part of the episode I’ve mentioned is Dave Boy. Although he is painted as a joker- full of humour, drink and not much else, we see a different side to him. The PTSD is abundantly clear, and is handled simply and effectively. The shooting at the card game shows this side clearly. I also hope the show develops more of Dave Boy and Bazza’s characters- as it really does paint the picture of life after the army, and the horrors they’ve seen and a glimpse to why they may act the way they do and the choices they all make.

Towards the end we have a brief scene with Bet and Peggy- just to remind us she is there, and that she has an increasing obsession with Esme. They also mention that a month has passed since their escape, and are bored with hiding- so I have no doubts that there will be more mischief with these two!

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