Supergirl – S5 Ep8 – The Wrath Of Rama Khan Review

In this exciting mid-season finale, Kara not only face the wrath of Rama Khan (guest star Mitch Pileggi), but also that of Lena Luthor. Also, J’onn is visited by a surprising person.

Crisis is quickly approaching, but before Supergirl can help, she must first deal with another crisis on her Earth. Picking up from the previous episode, Brainy and Alex are able to track Kara’s location. They find her trapped by the Fortress of Solitude’s defenses. They assumed that Rama Khan was the cause, but are shocked when Kara reveals it was Lena. She explains that Luthor knew about her identity for months as Lex told before she killed him. In a secure bunker, Lena and Hope prepare to initiate their program. However, Kara arrives to try to get through to her. Unfortunately for the Girl of Steel, Lena is not receptive and the bunker’s defense come online. Three cannons fire on her and quickly change to Kryptonite infused projectiles. Lena briefly contemplates letting them go off, but ultimately decides to back off. “We don’t kill people,” she tells Hope.

Meanwhile, Rama Khan meets with Gemmemnae (guest star Cara Buono) to discuss the next step in their plans. Gemmemnae is disappointed in Khan for not eliminating Supergirl and notes that Tezamech and others are moving against him. They believe he has lost his edge. Khan angrily claims that he is still ruler over this planet and that he has been for two million years. He decides that the best course of action to combat the human scourge is to eliminate them with a super volcano.

Elsewhere, Team Supergirl discuss Lena and her plans. Kara reveals that in addition to knowing Kara’s secret, Luthor also stole Myriad. They question the reasoning behind it, which J’onn and Malefic claim to know. Their arrival is tense as Alex is quick to assume that Malefic is still antagonistic. J’onn explains that his brother has changed. Malefic explains that he was kidnapped by Luthor and used to help her create a mind altering program. Kara, still holding onto hope that people can change, tries to get through to Lena once again. She via hologram projection tries to tell Lena that she is good unlike Lex. She says that Lex wanted to turn you by telling you my secret. She urges her to stop before she becomes fully like her insane brother. However, it is seemingly too late for Lena as she coldly brushes her off. She claims that she has always been good and that Lex has nothing to do with this. She crushes Kara saying that the latter’s words mean nothing to her now and she exposed the darkness of humanity.

Back at the DEO, Kara vents to Alex about Lena. She is crushed that she was unable to reach her friend. Alex tells that maybe it is time to see her as a villain now. She reveals that she used to hologram to upload a virus into the bunker’s mainframe. Kara is shocked at her sister’s coldness. However, Alex brings up some solid points: Lena protected Lex, hid Reign, and made Kryptonite. Alex urges her sister to think with her head and not her heart. Lena is past the point of redemption. She has also targeted the Claymore missiles at the bunker which Kara is completely against. She refuses to believe that Lena is too far gone.

Kara goes to J’onn for counsel and help and receives more than just comfort, but a plan to stop Lena without death. Malefic offers to help as his Q Waves could repel that of Lena’s. Alex is reluctant to allow the martian to help as he had caused so much pain and destruction. J’onn offers her some solid advice: give people a chance to come back to the light. Otherwise, what’s the point of saving anyone?

They set their plan into motion and it ultimately is a success after they allow Mal to use his full powers. Lena is crushed and tells Hope that sometimes the good guys lose.
However, this was not the only crisis Team Supergirl faced in this episode. During the Lena conflict, Rama Khan, using Andrea’s abilities, unleashed a massive Pompeii 2.0 inducing volcano with a magical staff at a local tar pit. He traps Andrea, to prevent her from stopping him. If she aided him in this plan, she would be released from her service to Leviathan. Kara and the squad discover his plan and after quite a struggle, they are successful in thwarting it. J’onn saves Andrea, who using her powers, takes Rama Khan back to HQ. Once there, he realizes he has been stabbed by the staff as well as been usurped by Gemmemnae, who reveals their unseen boss put her in charge.

Following the battle, Hope/Eve is arrested when she takes the fall for Lena. Alex comes around on the idea that Lena can be saved thanks to the example set by Malefic. She and Kara agree to leave the door open to gain their friend back.

Meanwhile, J’onn sends his brother off to join M’Gann in her quest to bring peace to Mars. After Malefic departs, J’onn is greeted by the Monitor, who congratulates him on passing his test. The otherworldly being explains that in order to face the coming crisis, he had to put his past behind him and realize the strength in his vulnerabilities.
Elsewhere, Lex Luthor, who is very much alive, is also met by the Monito, who offers him the chance to be the hero he always wanted to be. Luthor agrees to help on one condition concerning Lena.

Also, a week later on Earth 1, Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh, currently on The Flash) is seen answering a voice and opening a doorway which sucks him through a portal. Crisis is coming!!!

Overall, this was yet another highly enjoyable episode of Supergirl. Though there was a lot going on in this episode. I felt it was handled well overall. Melissa Benoist and Katie McGrath once again deliver powerful performances as the two friends continue to drift further apart. This rift is quite compelling due to it not being born from hate, but rather love. The theme of redemption was really well conveyed in this episode not only through Kara’s conflict with Lena, but also through Malefic’s helpful actions. I really enjoyed Phil Lamarr’s performance in this episode as Mal stepped up to prove that he is now truly on the path to redemption. I found the line that J’onn says particularly profound: you have to let people come back to the light. What’s the point otherwise?

Now, let’s talk Crisis! Unlike The Flash and Arrow, Supergirl has not mentioned the coming crossover at all until now. The Monitor finally appears to reveal that he was testing J’onn and that he brought back Lex as his mind is needed. In addition, the Wells scene was especially intriguing. Could Nash actually be Pariah? Time will tell I guess.

Well that does it for this first half of Season 5 of Supergirl! Come back next week for recaps & reviews for Crisis On Infinite Earths here at Earth-9!

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