Titans – S2 Ep11 – E.L._.O. Review

If you can unite, you can face any threat

What the hell is going on??? So much craziness this week in Titans I dont know where to begin!! Dick is not in a good way after being beaten for helping the guys from last week escape and we all know what it means when Dick’s mind starts to wander, Bruce is back! But is he gonna be able to pull Dick out of his fever dream funk and back on track??

Talking of funks, Kory is not dealing well with her sister taking over her planet and stranding her on Earth, Dawn is trying to figure out whats next for her now her and Hank have split up, Rachel discovers that she may have murdered the father of her new friend and Donna is trying desperately to find Gar, but it would seem someone is pulling them all to the same place with the lure of donuts???

Gar is still stuck in Cadmus labs and appears to be going through some dangerous changes and Conner is nowhere to be seen, what exactly is Mercy Graves up to?? Then there’s Jason and Rose off living it up breaking into peoples homes and breaking up drug rings, they both begin to open up to each other but are they as open as they seem?

But this week we discover something huge that will change everything! Will it be enough to reunite the whole team or will it fracture them further apart? This week I was expecting answers and I felt like we got more questions which is cool but with only two episodes left of this season they’re going to be two very packed episodes!!!

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