Titans – S2 Ep10 – Fallen Review

Mr. Logan. I’m Mercy Graves. It’s an honor to meet you.

This week in Titans we get to focus on three main characters, Dick and the fallout from him attaching the cop at the airport, Gar and his issues with trying to look after Conner and Rachel with her need to brake away from the grown ups and be herself a bit more.

So it would appear that Dick feels like he needs to pay for what happened to Jericho, thus getting himself locked away (the justice system seems to work very quickly in the Titans universe….) and deciding that he’s done and doesnt want to help anybody, but thats just not Dick Grayson is it! There are always injustices that he can’t turn a blind eye to and a situation in prison shows him his true character and maybe even a symbol of what he could become…..

Krypto is a very clever boy and can ring door bells with his nose and brings Gar and Conner back together but that doesnt solve their issues as Mercy Graves and Cadmus have much greater plans for the boys Beast and Super. Also Gar I dont think Dick is gonna get your messages as he’s currently doing 7 years of hard time, hopefully someone else with a bit more wonder can help!

Lastly there’s Rachel, still not in complete control of her powers but she seems to be getting some kind of handle on them, well to degree. Has she found a new group of outcasts that she can join or is this just another situation thats going to get out of hand quickly??

Lots of questions posed by this weeks episode and with only 3 episodes left we need a lot of answers and quick!


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