Titans – S2 Ep7 – Bruce Wayne Review

I’ll call Bruce – Dick Grayson

This week is kind of all about Dick Grayson, more importantly the secret he’s keeping that is pulling the team apart.

Dick is going through some things this episode which manifests itself in visions of Bruce and not totally in a nice advice giving fatherly way, he’s more antagonistic and preachy, but it might just be what Dick needs….

The good news is we do get some more Conner and Superboy is looking a bit worse for wear but with the help of Starfire he’s gonna be just fine, which is awesome cos I think he’s gonna be a great addition to the team and would bring a whole new element to the continuing story.

There’s also something strange going on in Titans towers but no-one knows who’s doing it but all eyes are on Jason, is he the reason or is someone playing with the Titans? And whats going to happen when the rest of the team find out about Dick’s secret will he be forgiven or will this fracture the team even more? I guess we’ll find out next week!!

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