Pennyworth – S1 Ep2 – The Landlords Daughter Review

So with more of  a feel for the type of show this is, I am excited to get into episode 2. I feel the same way with Pennyworth as I did with Gotham, and to me, that’s a good thing. I do like the recaps at the start of shows- mainly because my memory is horrific but also just to get me in the mood for the show again.

‘Mr Ripper…please’. The start doesn’t give away too much, we can tell Mr Ripper will be an important character, but takes a while to show exactly how (more on that later). Almost instantly there is a massive change in scenery- loud, light and jovial. Alfred is back in the club where he first met Thomas Wayne and this time Wayne has a business proposition for him. There is a scene later that ties in with this but overall I wasn’t getting a sense of who Wayne is i.e. who is he looking out for.

 The episode has two stand out storylines- both very important to the show:

  • The first one is the story of Bet Sykes. Bet is currently in prison- all identity wiped and ready for a public hanging! We see her manipulative side just continue to shine with one of the guards. At first we know something is amiss but throughout the episode her plot line just unfolds beautifully. We are introduced to her sister Peggy, we are reminded of her ruthlessness and also of her intelligence. Without giving much away, although it is predictable, she comes out on top and well, lives to see another day.
  • The second is the story of Ripper. We are first introduced to Jason Ripper- a creepy young man, no, boy who pretends he is a hard-man. In reality, he isn’t- he just has good connections! His connections come in the form of his uncle, who Alfred makes a deal with or as his Scottish friend calls is a ‘Pact with Satan’.

Both of these storylines are so important but also I feel it shows similarities between the two characters Bet and Alfred. Both have amazing foresight and think of the longer term consequences of a plan. The differences are to explored further as we will hopefully see more of Bet’s back story as well as more of an insight to Alfred’s mind. Through flashbacks we can see that he has been affected by his time in service, but how much shaped him today? We don’t know how much for sure- how far will he go? The two storylines also show the good balance the writers have on ensuring both short term and longer terms plots just work. Every scene has a place, whether or not it is apparent at the moment.

 The scenes between Alfred and Esme are lovely. Nice to have some lighter scenes within such a show so it is not as dark. Definitely a personal preference, but I enjoy these lighter scenes as much as the action. It pieces together more of Alfred’s ‘why’, especially when he justifies his actions as he is ‘building a life for them both’.  I also very much enjoyed  Sandra (played by Harriet Slater) singing As long as he needs me. Absolutely beautiful and not out of place!

 There is little of the Raven Society and No Name League in this episode asides a couple of short scenes with Lord Harwood. These set up both names and plots for future episodes as well as to show there is almost a shift in power throughout this episode.

 All in all a very good, strong episode making it 2 for 2. Long may it continue!


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