Krypton – S2 Ep8 – Mercy Review

There’s a huge reveal this week which is the major story running through the episode. As much as I like to keep some things as a surprise in my reviews there’s no avoiding this … LYTA IS ALIVE!!!

In his plight to take control over Doomsday, Dru Zod decides to force him into an alternate reality using a little something called black mercy. There’s only one problem … it’s currently stuck down the throat of its current host, Lyta. That’s right people! Dru had cloned Lyta and reconditioned her mind so he could control her. That was the Lyta we saw killed. The real Lyta has been living in another reality, in a picturesque part of Krypton where she’s married (or bound) to Seg. Everything is perfect there until, in the real world, Dru begins picking away at the black mercy to implant in Doomsday.

Lyta regains consciousness and breaks free. Her reunion with Jayna and Dev are lovely to watch but it’s when she is back in the arms of Seg that you get goosebumps. They kiss. A lot. And I couldn’t help thinking that maybe she should have taken the courtesy to brush her teeth first after having that nasty black stuff hanging out her mouth for months.

When Dru realised what has happened he shows some anger for the first time – and coming from a man who has been controlled and in control all this time, it was very telling.

There was a lot of action this week which plays out fab. In particular the scene between Lyta and her son battling as he tries to take her mind was brilliant. In this episode we see a union between different houses really cementing. All families who previously were at loggerheads are coming together to fight the common cause – Dru Zod. Everything has gone his way so far but it looks like that’s about to change.

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